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Why Condition Matters When Selling Sacramento Real Estate

Motivated-Seller.300x229Condition of property is one of the big three elements when selling Sacramento real estate— or any home in the Sacramento seven-county region — but it’s often overlooked or dismissed by sellers. They get used to their house the way it is. They might say something like, “Oh, we’ll let the buyer take care of that issue.” Unless the house is pretty much a tear down, or needs such extensive work that we call it a fixer home, a home buyer will not do those repairs / corrective work. End of story. Only an investor will buy that kind of home today. And investors aren’t paying full price this spring. read more

Picking the Buyer When Selling Homes in Sacramento Could Violate Fair Housing

Fair Housing DiversityRegular sellers with equity — and even sellers of homes in Sacramento who end up doing a short sale — can choose their buyer and establish requirements that the buyer must meet. You know why they can do this? Because they own the home and, with some legal exceptions, sellers can decide what kind of person buys it.

This is not to say that a seller can discriminate against any of the protected classes under the Fair Housing Act. For example, a seller could not say I am interested only in selling to a family with kids or to a guy in a wheelchair. You can’t pick a protected class and exclude others or vice versa. This is yet another reason to hire a top Sacramento real estate agent because agents are supposed to know, understand and follow the Fair Housing Act, among other regulations. read more

How to Keep a Home on the Market in Sacramento After Offer Acceptance

Home-for-sale-sacramentoI am finding that overall, many buyers are not very committed in our Sacramento real estate market. That’s a good reason to keep the home on the market after going into contract. Part of the reluctance to commit, I’m supposing, comes from the fact they feel pressured with multiple offers happening on such a large number of homes, and it’s frustrating that they have very few homes from which to choose. This is a scary market for first-time home buyers. We’ve never had a market like this in my lifetime before in Sacramento. read more

Multiple Offers: Does it Matter Who Buys Your House?

does it matter who buys your houseDepending on to whom you speak, my position as a top Sacramento real estate agent could be enviable or unfortunate when it comes to giving my sellers intelligent advice about multiple offers and helping them to decide who should buy the house. After all, it is the sellers’ decision. It doesn’t matter if the home is a short sale or a regular equity sale, who buys the house is still the sellers’ decision. The seller owns the home and the seller is in control, making all decisions. I’m just that yappy little Yorkie in their corner trying to help them to make the right decision — which is the decision that is best for the seller. read more

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