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Highest Sales Price $1,085,000 Closes in Riverlake Sacramento

riverlake waterfront home

Pool at 774 Still Breeze in Riverlake Community in the Sacramento Pocket

There are many ways to sell a luxury home in Riverlake, Sacramento, that involve overcoming objections to a low appraisal, which is why I employ different strategies for my escrows depending on the circumstances at hand. It’s a custom-designed strategy, I guess you could say. I won’t sugarcoat the process and say it’s completely stress-free for sellers, but like childbirth, I think they focus more on the end result after it’s over.

I recently closed two waterfront homes in Riverlake, almost directly across the water from each other. The first home was in Cobble Shores and smaller than the second home in Stillwater. The views were different as well as the home in Cobble Shores enjoyed a north facing view of the water and the back yard of the home in Stillwater faced south. Personally, I prefer the south-facing view. read more

Why There is No Such Thing as a Favorite Color

Painting DecisionsDuring a chat with my manicurist Rosa at Galaxy Nails in Land Park yesterday, Rosa asked me to name my favorite color. Perhaps it’s because I tend to pick a wild assortment of colors for my nails, depending on my present mood, and it rarely includes any association to my previous manicure color. Which means my toe color doesn’t always match my fingertips but that doesn’t seem to matter anymore in 2015. We no longer are forced to be matchy-matchy. We can wear plaids with stripes if we like. Dots with squares. Shave half of our heads and paint green-like-a-lawn the mowed half. Who cares? read more

Beyond the Marketing of Homes in Sacramento Real Estate

Marketing homes in SacramentoMany successful listing agents in Sacramento maintain an unusual love affair with real estate, coupled with a magnetic attraction to the psychology of marketing homes in Sacramento. We want to understand the techniques that trigger a person’s home buying button. Our brains are turned on by this. It’s often a matter of: W + X + Z = $, ding, ding, ding. We latch on to proven techniques.

We don’t let our emotions rule or get out of hand when dealing with people because it might not deliver the desired result if we go off half-cocked. It’s tempting to be snarky but if that snark irritates or annoys the person we’re trying to attract and receive an offer from, well, that’s a defeatist attitude and not in our seller’s best interest, much less anybody else’s. My advice to agents struggling with snarky syndrome is to suppress the snark. Save it for your friends who appreciate it. Or for your own blog. Like this one. read more

How Much Will Your Sacramento Home Seller Take?

Bribing-sacramento-real-estate-agentA common question asked by Sacramento real estate agents and directed toward the listing agent is how much will the seller take for that home? Now, you see, I could swear that there is a listing price attached to that home, but maybe the print is too small to read. I know, we could outfit buyer’s agents with those big honkin’ magnifying glasses like you see in photos of Sherlock Holmes. Or, maybe we should attach spectacles to a chain they can keep in their pockets or wear around their necks to whip out for such an occasion? read more

There is a Buyer for Every Sacramento Home

Sacramento home buyerIn the mind of this Sacramento real estate agent, there are no bad homes to sell in Sacramento because there is a buyer for every Sacramento home. I have learned this the hard way over decades, and I’m sharing you the pain of wondering if your home will sell because it will. You just need the right buyer for it. There is a buyer for every home. Even homes that are in the wrong location or have some other sort of defect.

Now, an experienced real estate agent will figure out from the get-go who that buyer is and target that buyer. You don’t need 20 buyers for your home, and you don’t need 15 multiple offers. A seller needs that one buyer who wants the home and will close escrow at terms agreeable to both parties. It really is that simple. There is no need to complicate the situation. read more

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