home in antelope

Home in Antelope Searching for First-Time Home Buyers to Love

home in antelope

8204 Helmsley Court is a gorgeous home in Antelope now available for sale.

Buyer’s agents who think they can push this Sacramento listing agent around have another think coming, but first, let me tell you about my new listing, a fabulous home in Antelope. I’ve been working with the seller on getting this home ready since my wor-cation in Hawaii last winter. It’s not that the home in Antelope needed much prepping; it’s that the seller wanted everything to be as perfect as possible. She takes great pride in her home. And it shows.

This is a home whose ambiance hits you the minute you walk in the door. Vaulted ceiling and a somewhat open floor plan that still provides for secluded spaces give one a feeling of privacy mixed with cozy luxury. The rooms are just the right size, and the flow from room to room always provides a view of the next space. You don’t feel closed in, quite the opposite. read more

Mortgage Brokers Play Dialing for Dollars With Sacramento Agents

Sacramento-real-estate-agent-on-phone.300x200People often stutter all over the place when I answer my phone. They freely admit that I have freaked them because I, a Sacramento real estate agent, answer my phone. This is odd to them. Maybe they were hoping and praying that they’d reach voice mail when calling Sacramento agents, I dunno. Callers often begin the conversation by apologizing and stumbling over their words after they realize that my greeting, “Hi, this is Elizabeth,” means I am not a robot or a recording. Nope, hey, this is a real, live human they are talking to, and I’d like to know what I can do for them. read more

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