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Two Fixer Houses on a Lot in Citrus Heights

two fixer houses on a lot in Citrus Heights

What is not to love about marketing two fixer houses on a lot in Citrus Heights? There is a certain amount of freedom that is inherent for a Sacramento listing agent to sell two fixer houses on a lot. For one thing, I’m fairly confident nobody will complain about a photograph of a burned-out kitchen. Yes, I can throw that photo of the view through the second floor of the kitchen sink with abandon into MLS. Leave no stone unturned. Every bad thing about these houses is marketing GOLD. No mincing of words. Embellishing never crosses my mind. The worse I make it appear, the more investors, flippers and contractors drool over it. read more

Sacramento Triplex Fixer Offers Investors Upside Income Potential

sacramento triplex fixer

Sacramento triplex fixer needs work, on almost a half acre.

This Sacramento triplex fixer is finally on the market. The poor seller has been hounded by “well meaning” neighbors asking if they could buy the property, but the seller instead elected to list the triplex with a top Sacramento Realtor working at the top real estate brokerage in Sacramento. You know the name of Lyon Real Estate. You see our signs everywhere.

With nearby duplexes selling in the $220,000 range, imagine what you can do with a triplex for $200,000! It already has 3 meters from SMUD installed. read more

How to Pick a Sales Price Without Comparable Sales

Best Offer Bid for Sacramento Home.300x300Trying to pick a sales price when there are few to none comparable sales is a little bit tricky in our Sacramento real estate market, but this is when an experienced real estate agent can be very helpful. Sometimes it comes down to relying on gut instinct, mixed with a bit of pixie dust sprinkled on top of those dusty old comparable sales, to come up with an accurate and reasonable number.

Further, I might do goofy things that are right on target such as grab a random sales price from 2005, divide it in half, multiple that result by 50%, and then slap another 25% on top to arrive at an estimate of value, which is often much closer than Zillow’s screwy Zestimate and computed about in the same fashion. But that’s just to double-check the ballpark. It’s not to pick a sales price. read more

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