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Why a Desktop Scanner Replaces a Fax Machine

desktop scanner replaces a fax machine

A desktop scanner replaces a fax machine now, our cat, Tessa, is partly to blame.

Little did I know that today a desktop scanner replaces a fax machine. It was not readily apparent to me. My entire home operation for selling Sacramento real estate was set up to be self sufficient many years ago; when a device malfunctions, I tend to simply replace it. I’ve only had 2 fax machines in Sacramento, one that I took out into my back yard and literally beat to death with a hammer, a Panasonic fax machine. And my Brother 4100e. That happened 10 years ago!

I figured something must be wrong when I looked on the OfficeDepot website and noticed that my Brother 4100e was still a top seller, after all of this time. How could that be? Something was not right. A similar fax machine, one grade higher, cost twice as much and the main difference was it held another 20 pages in its document feeder. This seemed crazy. read more

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