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When You Have to Report a Real Estate Agent

report a real estate agent

Trust me, nobody really wants to report a real estate agent. But sometimes the violations are so flagrant one must. We all make mistakes, honest mistakes. We’re only human. But what about the agents who deliberately set out to deceive and then claim they made a mistake? Or worse, refuse to rectify it?  I wonder if I should report them. On the one hand, I pretty much leave other agents alone and don’t turn them in, even when I spot blatant, unethical behavior. I’m not the ethics police. read more

Picking the Buyer When Selling Homes in Sacramento Could Violate Fair Housing

Fair Housing DiversityRegular sellers with equity — and even sellers of homes in Sacramento who end up doing a short sale — can choose their buyer and establish requirements that the buyer must meet. You know why they can do this? Because they own the home and, with some legal exceptions, sellers can decide what kind of person buys it.

This is not to say that a seller can discriminate against any of the protected classes under the Fair Housing Act. For example, a seller could not say I am interested only in selling to a family with kids or to a guy in a wheelchair. You can’t pick a protected class and exclude others or vice versa. This is yet another reason to hire a top Sacramento real estate agent because agents are supposed to know, understand and follow the Fair Housing Act, among other regulations. read more

How Do You Handle a Racist Neighbor in Sacramento?

Racism-in-SacramentoIt’s a bit ironic for me to read that April is Fair Housing month, given what happened yesterday. It happened in a somewhat quiet neighborhood in Woodland, made up of mostly tract homes, built in the mid-1970s. This particular home has 3 bedrooms and 2 baths, and it’s a preapproved Cooperative Short Sale through Bank of America. The family, first-time home buyers, had just received the short sale approval letter and were informed they could close escrow. They arrived at the home early yesterday morning to do a home inspection. read more

Do You Want to Live Near the Russians?

By that title, I am not talking about the 49th state admitted to the Union, no, no, no. I’m speaking directly about Sacramento. I’m a Sacramento real estate agent, and I could say that I know where the Russians live, but that would only send the CIA after me, and having the FBI hot on my trail is bad enough. I don’t need one more government agency chasing Elizabeth Weintraub all over Sacramento. No, Sirree. Oh, wait, I didn’t mean to say the FBI, it’s just a California district attorney’s office who wants more information on the bad guys that I sometimes write about. read more

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