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Sacramento Sellers Who Become Their Own Worst Enemy

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Resort at Yachats, Oregon

Despite all of the crap-slinging earlier in the day, this Sacramento Realtor enjoyed a most spectacular birthday yesterday on the coast of Oregon at Yachats. I turned 63 on Sunday. The day began very strangely. One of my sellers left me a voice mail after hours and then followed it up with an extremely angry text message because some agent did not call him first before coming over to see his home. The buyer’s agent made a mistake, did not fully read the MLS showing instructions and mistook my seller’s home for a vacant home. It’s not often those types of things happen, but many buyer’s agents are not known for attention-to-detail abilities. read more

My 62nd Birthday in Maui

Elizabeth BalconyI forgot it is my birthday when I got up this morning in Maui. Completely slipped my mind until I noticed a couple of Happy Birthday emails. This is what Maui can do to you. Oh, yeah. I’m 62 today. I am happy any day that I open my eyes after waking up. Today isn’t any different, but it does mean another year has gone by and I am looking forward to the next — sort of like one’s own personal New Year’s, without the horrible drunk people passed out on your living room floor. read more

The Birthday Post From Elizabeth Weintraub

birthday post from Elizabeth WeintraubToday is my 61st birthday. That means it’s time for the birthday post from Elizabeth Weintraub, something I do every year. This year, I almost didn’t celebrate it. Because let’s face it, what’s one more year? What does turning 61 mean? It’s not a milestone birthday. It means I better be over the fact that I turned 60 last year because it’s all older from here on out. Choices that I may have once had the option to choose among are becoming leaner and fewer. I no longer have all of the time in the world to do whatever my heart contends. The clock is ticking on. read more

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