differences between hawaii real estate and california

Homebuying in Hawaii vs California

homebuying in Hawaii vs California

Have you ever wondered about the differences between homebuying in Hawaii vs California? Well, perhaps I am a bit jaded since I’ve worked in California real estate for so long that it all makes perfect sense to me, but Hawaii practices in real estate seem convoluted. Strange. Twisted. More complicated than it ever needs to be. Unsupervised. Everybody makes up their own rules. Completely unsophisticated island style. And run by the builders and developers, I may add.

California has added protections, and caveat emptor really does not apply to buyers anymore. California real estate contracts protect buyers but, in Hawaii, contract law seems to throw them under the bus. If you are homebuying in Hawaii vs California, you better get ready for peculiar requests and demands. read more

Homebuying in Hawaii vs California

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