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What to Know Before Selling a Sacramento Home

before selling a sacramento home

What HGTV tells you and what a Sacramento Realtor knows is different.

My phone rings constantly with sellers who do not know what they need to know before selling a Sacramento home. They think they know because they watch HGTV, which is not a documentary. Hate to say. It’s a reality show. Not necessarily real. But it’s good entertainment, and sometimes I watch HGTV for its amusement factor, but I would not rely on it. People have all sorts of ideas of what they need to do before selling a Sacramento home. From replacing the carpeting (and I want to scream no, no, no) to painting all of the walls white. Both, not necessarily good options. read more

Home Staging is Back in Sacramento and Elk Grove

Home StagingAnother sign of our slowly recovering real estate market is home staging is making a big comeback in Sacramento, especially among Elk Grove homes. For years, we had so many short sales in the midst of a down real estate market that many sellers did not stage their homes because they didn’t have to, wasn’t needed. How do you know if a home needs to be staged? Because some homes don’t.

First and foremost is how hard will it be to sell that home? Are there other factors about the home that could discourage a buyer from making an offer such as bad condition, horrible location, unreasonable price? It is a home that most buyers don’t want to buy? I also look at the competition. What else will a buyer see when they tour other homes nearby in this same price range. If other homes are staged, yours better be, too. read more

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