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The Amazing Story of a Sacramento Real Estate Miracle

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A Sacramento real estate miracle does not happen every day.

No Sacramento Realtor expects her client to call, late on Sunday no less, just as The Oscars are starting, to excitedly announce he has written an offer on her listing with another agent. Yet, stranger things have happened in Sacramento real estate. Things that can make clients believe this is the way they always occur, and anybody can do it. When my client first uttered those words last night, I thought he was joking. We closed escrow in 2013, but I recall his transaction like it was yesterday, even though I’ve sold hundreds of homes since but few are a Sacramento real estate miracle. read more

A Blessing in Disguise is Rarely a Mistake

Clients who are a mistake

There are all types of real estate clients in Sacramento who routinely make a mistake.

Except when I am predisposed, like at a movie theater or on a plane, I answer my phone. It’s rarely a mistake. I missed a call yesterday from a caller who rang twice while I was at Tower Theatre watching Brooklyn, the screenplay by Nick Hornby, about an Irish girl in 1952 (the year I was born) who moved to America. Touching, beautiful, sweet story about loss, love, discovery and strength, watching this young girl mature, blossom, develop confidence. When I got back to my home office, I considered calling back the no-message caller but instead decided to cut back the hydrangeas before it got dark and cover up the cactus garden. We were in for a freeze in Land Park. read more

Making a Contingent Offer When Your Home is Not Yet on the Market

contingent offers

Few sellers take a contingent offer seriously if the buyer’s home is not for sale.

If you don’t eat yer meat, you can’t have any pudding. It’s not just Pink Floyd who says, among other disturbing insights, there is a certain order to the world if you want to get things done. If one can’t abide by customary procedures, then there could be ways around it, which is often my specialty as a Sacramento Realtor. To operate within the confines and restraints of a system with the goal of discovering a loophole designed to bestow an advantage for clients, while minimizing risk. And a contingent offer certainly falls within those parameters. read more

Selling 2 Homes to Buy One as a Couple

Selling 2 homes to buy 1 home is easy if you work with a Sacramento Realtor.

Selling 2 homes to buy 1 home is easy if you work with a Sacramento Realtor.

A couple called yesterday to inquire about a pending sale I have listed in West Sacramento and whether they could see it. They plan on selling 2 homes in Sacramento to buy one as a couple. I’m not sure where they found the listing online but not every website out there lists the status of homes online. Many just show the home for sale and they don’t tell the website visitor whether the home has sold or is pending, which is why it’s oh-so-much better to get your listings directly from a Sacramento REALTOR who can sign you up for automatic emails from our mothership: MLS. read more

Elk Grove Sellers Who Buy With a Contingent Offer is Becoming the Norm

Buy-and-sell-home-at-same-timeWe just closed escrow yesterday for an evening news anchor and his family. They were able to sell an existing home, rent back for a while and close on another home, and we helped them every step of the way. Further, it was a contingent offer that scored the family the home of their dreams. Now, I know there are potential sellers who don’t believe it is possible to get an offer accepted to buy a home when their own home is not yet sold, but that is a common procedure for experienced Elk Grove agents. The trick is to make sure your home is on the market before you try to buy a home. Make it contingent. read more

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