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About Buying a Home Before Selling a House in Sacramento

buying a home before selling a house

It is very doable to pursue buying a home before selling a house in Sacramento today.

For some lucky sellers, it is definitely possible to pursue buying a home before selling a house in Sacramento. How one goes about this depends on basically two things: the type of real estate market you’re in and your financial ratios. At the moment, we are experiencing a strong seller’s market in Sacramento. This means sellers are in the driver’s seat. We have low inventory and high numbers of buyers. It’s the principle of supply and demand at work.

Sure, we have buyers who say, my house is so beautiful, it will sell right away, so why can’t I look at buying home before selling? As Sacramento Realtors, we have to bring these buyers into reality. Move them outside of their own situation and get them to look at this through the eyes of the seller. I say to them: Ok, pretend YOU are the seller of this house and YOU have 5 offers. Four of those offers are from buyers who don’t have a house a sell, they have no contingencies. They can get a loan and close right away. And then there is YOU. You who have not even put your home on the market, and you who wants the seller to wait while you get around to it. read more

Home Closing in Sacramento and Out of State at Same Time

    Home closing in Sacramento and out of stateHome closing in Sacramento and out of state at the same time is easy for this Sacramento Realtor.

You might think that home closing in Sacramento and out of state at the same time is pretty much impossible to do but it’s a cakewalk for this experienced Realtor.  It doesn’t mean I am not aware of the stress and anxiety that selling a home in one state and buying in another state can bring on because I’ve done it myself, been there and done that personally. In addition, I help clients all the time move in and out of California.

Yes, it’s a little tricky, but I’m extremely organized, and I know where the pitfalls are. I know what little innocent mistake can make your transaction blow up or get delayed. When there is more than one sale happening at about the same time, each dependent on the other, it can be a little nerve-wracking for agents without a lot of experience at this. Imagine their poor clients! read more

The Amazing Story of a Sacramento Real Estate Miracle

sacramento real estate

A Sacramento real estate miracle does not happen every day.

No Sacramento Realtor expects her client to call, late on Sunday no less, just as The Oscars are starting, to excitedly announce he has written an offer on her listing with another agent. Yet, stranger things have happened in Sacramento real estate. Things that can make clients believe this is the way they always occur, and anybody can do it. When my client first uttered those words last night, I thought he was joking. We closed escrow in 2013, but I recall his transaction like it was yesterday, even though I’ve sold hundreds of homes since but few are a Sacramento real estate miracle. read more

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