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Land Park Seller Bought and Sold Concurrently Without Listing First

new listing in land park

Another satisfied Land Park seller closed escrow last week. The incredible thing was we didn’t even have his house listed when we helped him to buy a new home contingent on his existing home closing concurrently. Sometimes we can pull off that remarkable type of sale. How we do it when other agents cannot is an interesting story.

For starters, I’m not saying this will work 100% of the time but usually it does. First, it helps to have a desirable home to sell, and it doesn’t get much better than owning a vintage home on a fabulous street. Second, if the listing agent of the home the seller wants to buy knows me, well, they know I will sell that home, whether it’s on the market right now or not. I will find a way to sell the seller’s home because that’s what my reputation is built upon. In other words, we sell the listing agent being Elizabeth Weintraub to the other agent. read more

Taking Title as Wife and Husband When Homebuying

wife and husband

Bride and groom at reception discuss the good reasons to hold title as wife and husband when buying a home.

When I mention taking title as wife and husband when you’re buying a home; this is not meant to leave out anybody in the Sacramento LGBT Community. I know married people, for example, who refer to their coupling as husband and wife; yet others say husband and husband or wife and wife. There are few rules about what you can call your partner, unless you’re ticked off and intent upon sleeping on the sofa. But there are strict rules about ways to hold title to Sacramento real estate. Further, some married couples prefer taking title as wife and husband instead of husband and wife, regardless of gender. read more

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