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Hanging Up To Take Another Phone Call

Hanging Up To Take Another Phone Call

Hanging up to take another phone call is a blog post excerpts written on another site by our team that is relevant today. Enjoy ~~JaCi Wallace.

Generally, when I spot a call coming in on my cellphone, providing I have the phone within my sight because I wear Bluetooth most of the day, I often send a custom templated text message to the caller if I am not available to answer the call. The reason I would be unable to answer the call is most likely because I am already on a call. I generally don’t hang up and grab another call unless I’m about ready to hang up. Otherwise, I keep talking because my business at hand is essential.

But I have met agents who will hang up. So if I am expecting an important telephone call, like a person, I have a super hard time getting on the phone; for example, I will tell the person when I call that I might have to hang up if that particular person calls. Otherwise, all calls go to voice mail or receive a text message when I’m on the phone.

You can read more about this particular practice in our personal blog today at this link: A True Story About Setting Priorities for the Self Employed.

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Hanging Up To Take Another Phone Call

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