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Sacramento Appraiser Sends Unprofessional Tweets, Raises Ruckus

sacramento appraiser sends unprofessional tweetsYou would think if you were a Sacramento appraiser trying to get noticed online, that a guy like that would be more careful about what he says and how he says it. It started last spring over a home in Carmichael I had briefly listed, which had been the unintentional topic of many alt-right news reports. The Tweets from the Sacramento appraiser eventually made it to the Sac Bee online news. Due to the orchestrating of bringing proprietary information not meant for public consumption to the public by the appraiser. In other words, look as though this Sacramento appraiser made it his business to Tweet about a member-only status in MLS with the intention of purposely igniting the alt-right. read more

Luxury Home on Del Dayo Drive in Del Dayo Estates, Carmichael

luxury home on del dayo drive

To say I connected with this luxury home on Del Dayo Drive in Del Dayo Estates is an understatement. This was a case of mad love at first sight. It will happen that way for a buyer as well. The home spoke volumes to me before I ever set foot inside. It was the end of March when the seller contacted me about fixing up her home in Carmichael, and I happened to be physically in Hawaii when that call came in. Just like I am now, btw, when this home hit the Sacramento market last night.

Full circle. Definitely in the zone in Hawaii. Feeling the Aloha. Nothing touches me here like real estate in Sacramento and delivers such joy. OK, maybe paddle boarding. Point is, no suffering of fools in the islands. It’s a place to kick jackasses to the curb. Such a wonderful state of mind, and I am so damn lucky to have perfected being a listing specialist. And, I should mention, to marry that fortune with the good sense to buy a house in Hawaii. read more

One Year to Close Chase FHA Short Sale in Carmichael

chase fha short sale

Chase FHA short sale in Carmichael closed 12 months from listing.

Whose problem is it when a Chase FHA short sale takes more than a year to close escrow? I get so many calls from home buyers wondering why is that Carmichael short sale still for sale month after month, and I feel like telling them to go look in the mirror. Yet, this home I only sold 3 times, so that’s about right, on average it works out to about 4 months for each buyer. I am one of the few agents in Sacramento who will handle a short sale, which is why I have sold more short sales than anybody over the past 10 years. read more

Catch This Listing When Touring Homes in Carmichael for Sale

homes in carmichael for sale.

6243 Gena Court, Carmichael, CA 95608 is one of very few homes in Carmichael for sale.

An affordable pocket of homes in Carmichael for sale can be found just north of Madison near Manzanita. It’s maybe a mile and a half from the freeway, so close enough for commuting but far away enough to have no freeway noise, which is unusual in itself for Sacramento. It can be difficult to buy a home that is located far away from the rumble of cars tearing down the freeway.

I present to you a short sale among the homes in Carmichael for sale. We also do not have very many Sacramento short sales on the market anymore, not like the old days of 2011, before the market hit rock bottom. We have 1,869 residential homes for sale in Sacramento County and only 52 are short sales. read more

Photos from the Effie Yeaw Nature Center in Carmichael

American River at Effie Yeaw Nature Center

American River at Effie Yeaw Nature Center shows off a strong current in March 2016.

Through the process of elimination, it seemed like a good idea yesterday to visit Effie Yeaw Nature Center in Carmichael. It’s one of those places you know is there, and maybe you’ve been there before, but it slips out of your memory banks. Then, after a visit you’re kicking yourself as to why you don’t go there more often. Even a busy Sacramento Realtor needs to get in touch with nature every so often, just to stay grounded, in touch with what’s really important in life, which I’ve come to understand is life itself. read more

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