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Tips for Hiring a Sacramento Agent on Zillow

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Finding an agent on Zillow in Sacramento with 40 years of experience is an isolated situation.

When home buyers look for homes in Zillow, they often check out the profile for The Elizabeth Weintraub Team and call me — probably because I’ve yet to meet another agent on Zillow who has more experience in real estate. Lots of agents on Zillow, typically the “featured agents,” have very little experience and might even be brand new to the business, so I am unique in many ways compared to them. I adopted Zillow when it first hit the internet 10 years ago. It is doubtful that you will find a Sacramento agent with more than 40 years of experience in real estate like Elizabeth Weintraub on Zillow.

I am also finding that clients might stop to look at an agent on Zillow while doing an internet search for a Sacramento real estate agent, but the final decision is not made among the agents at Zillow. The decision to search for an agent might start with a recommendation from a friend or coworker. It could begin from a listing in Sacramento, and my listings are pretty much everywhere. They might find this agent on another website or from an article online. I have written more than 1,000 articles online about real estate.  Keyword searches are also likely candidates that drive traffic to my own website.

Sometimes, believe it or not, people choose to work this Sacramento Realtor because they like my “kind” eyes. I hear that a lot. Although, I am not kind to everybody. I am not that kind to a buyer’s agent who insists on reading out loud every repair listed on a home inspection report like it’s written in gold by Buddha in a feeble attempt to build a flimsy case because she can’t control her buyers’ whimsical desires.

I suspect most people choose to work with me not because I am an agent on Zillow but because I am analytical and always focused on them. They like the individual attention and my attention to detail. Those two things are hard to come by in Sacramento real estate. They appreciate my experience level because I tend to avoid mistakes. I’ve done mortgages, been a title searcher and a certified escrow officer, so I know many aspects of the business that other Zillow agents do not.

Before you choose an agent from Zillow, you might want to go to the California Bureau of Real Estate and check the salesperson license. The records aren’t that accurate when they go back as far as mine, because I was first licensed in the 1970s. But for those who have been licensed only a few years, it’s easy to spot the newer agents. A license is only the first step. Experience is what separates the top 1% of agents from the masses.

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