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Top 3 Tips for Buying a Home in the Sacramento Spring Market

tips for buying a home in sacramento

Following Elizabeth Weintraub’s 3 tips are likely to lead to buying a home in Sacramento.

Before I talk about my tips for buying home in the Sacramento spring market, let me say that the Elizabeth Weintraub Team, our small band of rabble-rousers, are shaking up the real estate market in Sac Metro this spring. We ranked #2 for the month of March among all Lyon Realtors, and we have about 1,000 agents. We might have had the same type of production for February, now that I pause. February was so long ago, though . . .

Our Sacramento real estate market is moving fast and furiously. This means when a buyer finds a home to buy, he or she should make an offer. Among the many tips for buying a home that you can find online, probably the first tip you will read is for the buyer’s agent to call the listing agent and ask: how many offers do you have?

Top 3 Tips for Buying a Home in Sacramento This Spring

In this market, among the best tips for buying a home a home that I can provide is pay list price or better. I see buyers trying to negotiate like this is 1999 instead of 2016. I’m not sure if their agents have been sleeping under a rock or if the buyers themselves never watch the news nor read a newspaper. This spring real estate market is made up of no sellers, too many buyers.

The second tip is do not assume the listing agent will not receive an offer by the time your agent submits an offer. Just because there are no offers on the table at the time your buyer’s agent calls does not mean a half dozen might not show up between then, later and after your offer arrives. Don’t base your offer on the state of affairs at the time you write it. Base that offer on the future. Put your best offer out there because you might not get another chance.

There is no law that says a seller must counter all of the offers through a multiple-offer situation. Sellers are free to choose just the one offer that meets all needs. Some do that just that.

The final of my tips for buying a home in Sacramento this spring, you may want to pass on the cobweb agent and consider a professional buyer’s agent. All agents are not equal. Choose your buyer’s agent based on the type of lawyer you would want on your side if you had to go to court. If you wouldn’t want that agent representing you in court, don’t choose that type of agent to write your offer. Find an experienced agent who is busy in this spring market, and you’ll go into escrow.

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