buying new homes in sacramento

Crucial Tips for Buying New Homes in Sacramento

buying new homes in sacramento

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Are you wondering about buying new homes in Sacramento? You’re at the right place for Sacramento real estate. In my life thus far, I have bought and owned a wide assortment of homes. I once bought land and built a tri-level spread on the beach in San Felipe (Mexico). My very first home was older, 8,600 square feet with an indoor pool in North Tustin that I bought with owner financing and no money down. I’ve owned in rough, crime-ridden neighborhoods, too. I bought a tiny home of 800 square feet where my bed fit wall-to-wall, remodeled a Cape Cod under an airport path, finished off a half-constructed split-level on a pond in suburbia, and renovated a Victorian, built in 1898, just to name a few. For many people, the choice in a home often comes down to buying a new home and ordering custom upgrades or buying an older home, and those choices in Sacramento now range from new construction to more than 100 years old.

How do you know which to choose? What type of home is best for your lifestyle? A newer home vs an older home? Certainly, newer homes in Sacramento hold a huge appeal to certain home buyers. No immediate repairs, no updates, no improvements and less maintenance. Plus, the good news is you no longer need to decide whether you want to live in the city limits of Sacramento or out in the country to get those choices because many new home builders are picking up construction in Sacramento. Building had come to pretty much a halt in 2007. Even homes in Natomas stopped construction, although some of that was related to other issues than the market crash. More good news, the top-rated Elizabeth Weintraub Team has the answers for you.

For almost a decade in Sacramento, new home construction has not been a competitor to resale homes. In fact, many real estate agents and Realtors might have no experience whatsoever in dealing with home builders because they weren’t licensed back then. These agents might stare at you oddly, cock their heads sideway when you mention that you might want to look at buying new homes in Sacramento. But the day is here and new construction most certainly is a competitor to resale homes. Many buyers are now interested in buying new homes in Sacramento. If you’re one of those buyers, you’re reading the right blog and the Elizabeth Weintraub Team is up to speed on new homes in Sacramento. We can help you!

buying new homes in sacramento

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The one thing you do NOT want to do is visit the home site or contact the builder without us. If you do, we can’t help you. The builder will register your name and we will not be allowed to represent you. So make sure you call the Elizabeth Weintraub Team first. Not only will the builder pay us to represent you, but we will represent only YOU, your best interests, not the builder. We have the experience to help you to make those all important choices. Whether you are interested in homes in Natomas, homes in Midtown, or even the new Creamery at Alkali Flat, we can assist.

I can tell you one of the important mistakes I have learned from the market crash of 2007. The sellers who elected to do short sales after buying a new home all said the same thing. When we walked through the home, they remembered EXACTLY how much they paid for EACH upgrade. That’s where builders make a big profit. And they regretted it. They didn’t ask a Realtor to represent them. They went to the builder directly. And now they were doing a short sale. I’ve seen enough dull and dingy homes for a lifetime that were once all sparkly and new. I can tell you whether it’s likely your new home will still look fabulous in 10 years or if you, too, will regret that decision. You can rely on us.

Call the Elizabeth Weintraub Team at 916.233.6759 before you start looking at buying new homes in Sacramento. We stand by ready to serve and ready to assist with decades of experience behind us.

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