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Sacramento Heat Waves, Staycations with Swimming Pools

Sacramento Heat Waves, Staycations With Swimming Pools

Sacramento heat waves, staycations with swimming pools, the real question is fiberglass or gunite? Gunite pools, of course, take more time to install and ongoing maintenance depends on finishes like gunite or pebble tec. Fiberglass comes with prefab pools, so construction time is much less.

COVID-19 finds most of us staying at home, and a swimming pool would be fabulous entertainment. Here are some things to know: The pool companies are slammed; because many people want to enjoy some time in a pool, so fiberglass pools are growing in demand. Also, well water is very difficult for pools. Saltwater and fiberglass could be your answer. Of course, some will say “no way” to fiberglass. However, many reviews online from homeowners state they were delighted with the fiberglass pools. 

Selling Sacramento real estate this summer I have seen several pool homes with 10-plus offers and selling for up to $35,000 more than the same model without a pool. Kids are pent up at home, tropical vacations have been canceled, so staycations are the ticket. I’m researching now the cost of a fiberglass pool as I have several clients who are interested. There are so many shapes and sizes with accessories such as spas, swim ups, tanning ledges and more.

Pool costs have gone through the roof. I’m told a gunite pool is about $65,000, not for a fancy pool but for a simple smaller kidney-shaped pool. If a no-frills fiberglass can be installed for $35,000 with an owner builder, then well worth it. With the last ten+ days of temperatures exceeding 100 degrees, the pool business is booming. Sacramento real estate, with or without pools, is selling like hotcakes. If a pool will cost you $35,000 in resale, then perhaps buying a home with a pool-sized lot is still great investment.

Sacramento heat waves, staycations, with swimming pools, are hot topics these days, no pun intended, lol. If you are interested in learning more about buying a home and or adding a pool, we have some great vendors to refer you to. There are even self-help pool install companies where you run the job. Our vendor lists are always available to our clients. For premiere service, call Weintraub & Wallace Realtors with RE/MAX Gold today. We can be reached at 916-239-6759.

–JaCi Wallace

JaCi Wallace
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