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Christmas is a Perfect Time to Buy a Home in Sacramento

Christmas is a perfect time to buy a home in Sacramento. You might not agree but then you might not be in the real estate business. This week has been extremely hectic in Sacramento real estate. Just when you’d expect business to slow down and be more quiet, everybody is out showing homes. Writing offers. And everybody is in such a good mood.

Seriously. People are feeling the warmth and the love of this holiday season or maybe they’re just snockered. Hard to say. A seller told me she did not want to bully a buyer into purchasing her home. Because if buyers were moving forward due only to strong arm tactics, that did not seem humane to her. In an era like today where so many of our political moves are inhumane, it’s nice to see people who truly care. People who value integrity over dollars.

Yes, Christmas is a perfect time to buy a home in Sacramento. Another home, desperately seeking new occupants, finally went into escrow yesterday as well. Those buyers love love love this house. The spirit of the holidays is alive. So pleased to slip this home into escrow for my sellers. They asked me what did they need to do, and I told them, and it happened almost immediately that we sold the house.

Usually I see more action after the first of the year, like the first couple weeks in January are generally very busy. It is unusual for me to witness this much activity just before Christmas in Sacramento.

Feeling the Aloha myself, since I’m in Hawaii right now, I called a couple of agents on the buying side yesterday just to say hello. To spread Christmas cheer and to say thank you for all of their hard work. Buyer’s agents work really hard. They do much more physical work than listing agents.

Not to mention, my muscles ache from the rowing machine at Planet Fitness. My legs ache from hugging the ATV motor while blasting through 2-foot deep piles of mud on Wednesday. Then yesterday, I attended a stretch class (I was the only attendee) at Planet Fitness, and that’s involved muscles I didn’t know were there. At my age, if you don’t flex it, you lose it. I do NOT want to drive buyers around, that’s why my team members excel at that job. They love it, have a passion for it, and I do not.

People tell me I am an inspiration. Don’t tell me that. Because then I may feel like I need to be more model perfect, and I am nobody’s model. My focus is to make my sellers happy and to try to bring everybody else along for the ride. For the time being, Christmas is a perfect time to buy a home in Sacramento. Can’t vouch for next year. Only this year.

christmas is a perfect time to buy a home in sacramento

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