buying and selling at the same time in different states

Home Closing in Sacramento and Out of State at Same Time

    Home closing in Sacramento and out of stateHome closing in Sacramento and out of state at the same time is easy for this Sacramento Realtor.

You might think that home closing in Sacramento and out of state at the same time is pretty much impossible to do but it’s a cakewalk for this experienced Realtor.  It doesn’t mean I am not aware of the stress and anxiety that selling a home in one state and buying in another state can bring on because I’ve done it myself, been there and done that personally. In addition, I help clients all the time move in and out of California.

Yes, it’s a little tricky, but I’m extremely organized, and I know where the pitfalls are. I know what little innocent mistake can make your transaction blow up or get delayed. When there is more than one sale happening at about the same time, each dependent on the other, it can be a little nerve-wracking for agents without a lot of experience at this. Imagine their poor clients!

I tell my clients the last thing they want to see happen is to be sitting on top of their packed boxes, waiting for the mover, and find out the transaction is not closing on one end or the other. Chewed fingernails. Empty bourbon bottles littered about. People who didn’t smoke could be driven to take up smoking because they listed with the wrong agent and not Elizabeth Weintraub. Not a pretty sight. Cigarette butts.

Don’t let it happen to you. Hire the right person upfront. Eliminate the horror stories from the get-go. I know how to get things done. If you’re doing a home closing in Sacramento and out of state at same time, I will make sure your transactions close. I look for little problems that could occur and prevent them.

For me it is easy. For another agent, maybe not. I probably do 20 things other agents do not upon receipt of a purchase offer, stuff nobody even thinks about. I do the worrying for you. I am always planning ahead and putting together strategic plans. If you are home closing in Sacramento and out of state at the same time, I’m your Sacramento Realtor. Call Elizabeth at 916.233.6759.

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