buying a home in roseville

Story of Buying a Home in Roseville After an Open House

buying a home in roseville

If you’re interested in buying a home in Roseville, you’ve come to the right place. In fact, a charming first-time home buyer recently called about buying a home in Roseville. He moved to Sacramento exactly one week ago and already found his dream home. At least he thinks it might be. He seems to like the amenities, layout and location. His question to me was should he buy it? Is it too soon? Do people actually find the home they want to buy by stumbling into an open house?

Truth is yes, they do. All the time. Not overly commonplace but it does happen. I have lost count of how many listings I had to take because a seller happened to be on her way back from some weekend getaway and stopped by an open house. Then boom! The heart strings got plucked and, to her amazement, the buyer made a fast decision to buy a house. Next thing I know she can’t contain the excitement and calls. We need to list our house immediately because we just bought a house.

OK, says I to this first time home buyer, if you are interested in buying a home in Roseville in this particular subdivision, please know that many might promote solar power panels. I delivered my sermon on how not every solar-powered home is a home a buyer may want. As the solar-power companies have pretty much found a way to strip almost every financial benefit away from buyers. But I digress. Thing is he found a home he would like to buy.

The listing agent at the open house shared all sorts of private tidbits that, well, if it were my listing, I would not. My lips? Always zipped. I protect my fiduciary relationships with my sellers. It is the law. But this listing agent shared personal information. She disclosed the sellers’ pending divorce proceedings and insisted and they are very motivated. Seems she sold the house a couple years ago to the sellers. I explained that not every buyer’s agent can turn around to wear the hat of a listing agent. Don’t be too hard on that agent.

To me, listings are a specialty and many agents do not treat that function of real estate as such. Totally different approaches to seller representation.

This particular home has features the buyer is attracted to and it meets his needs. So, should he be buying a home in Roseville like this, or should he look at more homes? Not sure he realizes how lucky he is. Seems like kismet to me. Probably for his own peace of mind we should show him a couple more homes, but I bet he’s found the one.

Elizabeth Weintraub

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