buyers with agents calling listing agents

Buyers With Agents Calling Listings Agents, WHY?

Buyers with agents calling listing agents

Before the incident of buyers with agents calling listing agents happened yesterday, I had been rudely awakened at 4 AM. My fault, really, for leaving my Apple Watch on and not muting it on the charger. At 4:00 it went off, screeching with a Hawaii Emergency Alert that Hurricane Lane was approaching. Would the government purposely send out an alert at 4 in the morning if it wasn’t necessary? Must be important. I jumped out of bed.

Wasn’t much of an alert. Check media for an update was the message. I watched a CBS reporter talk about the flooding in High-Low as the reporter next to him lowered his head and whispered: Heeeeeee-Lo. Much of the flooding, raging rivers and landslides were happening inland or on the eastern side of Big Island. Hilo was hit extremely hard. read more

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