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Working With Sacramento Buyers Nobody Else Will Help

working with sacramento buyers nobody else will work with

Working with Sacramento buyers nobody else will work with is rewarding.

Every agent on the Elizabeth Weintraub Team works with ultra high-end buyers but we also end up working with Sacramento buyers nobody else will help. It’s part of our mission to focus on client-centered goals and not ourselves. Everybody on the team is onboard with that statement. Being human, we might moan a little bit when we get that tiny paycheck but we rejoice at the joy it brings our clients. And it all evens out in the end.

I’ve noticed, however, that some agents act like prima donnas. I recall once telling a buyer’s agent she would have to crawl through the bathroom window to show a certain listing I had, so wear pants. Every agent I gave those same showing instructions to refused. But this particular agent said OK, and she put the transaction into escrow and closed. I took her to lunch.

You do what you’ve got to do. That’s what makes real estate so much fun. You never know what type of person will call or need our services. Working with Sacramento buyers nobody else will help is rewarding. And it’s not just the price points for these particular buyers. Some of them possess some sort of fairy-tale ideas about how to buy a house. Many agents would say forget this hassle. But we welcome it because it gives us a chance to explain and educate. We don’t shy away because a buyer holds a different point of view from the real world.

People don’t know what they don’t know. Especially when we’re working with Sacramento buyers nobody else will help. I listen to them tell me they want to buy a foreclosure because they found a cheap foreclosure on Zillow and, when they finish, I educate. I am very aware that these are also people who get sucked into seminars by speakers who don’t do what they preach.

Two of my five husbands were seminar speakers and I am quite familiar with the dog-and-pony shows. I know exactly what kind of underhandedness goes on. So when a buyer nobody else wants to work with calls me, I don’t put them down for their beliefs or belittle their ideas. But I do set them straight. I take the time to turn them around. To explain how things really work and how we can help them. Because we give a damn.

That’s what Sacramento real estate is about. It’s called conversion. It’s about sharing a top producer’s knowledge and experience to help clients achieve their goals. If we can change the way they attempt to do this along the way, why, I think I’ve done a good thing! It’s not about expressing: forget you. You’re too much trouble. It’s about listening between the lines and turning dreams into reality.

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