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How to Pick the Best Offer in a Multiple-Offer Situation

pick the best offer

Your agent can help you to figure out how to pick the best offer.

Helping the seller to pick the best offer is an important part of a listing agent’s job. Sometimes we have only one offer so it’s a no-brainer. Although, I will say we received a full-price offer on another listing recently when the seller snapped, “I’m not taking THAT.” What? Why not? Because the seller expected buyers to fight over her home and to offer more than list price. She just didn’t share those thoughts with me until we received an offer. It was our only offer, too. read more

Perseverance Means No Cricket Sounds Allowed in Sacramento Real Estate

Cricket sounds

No Sacramento Realtor wants to hear cricket sounds when calling a mortgage lender.

Mortgage lenders in Sacramento are a crucial element to a transaction but they can also be a total bear to deal with. That’s because they tend to either over communicate or under communicate. Now, I suppose they can say the same thing about many Sacramento Realtors, and that might hold some truth as well, but I suspect agents are more likely just not to communicate at all than communicate too much. Cricket sounds are common.

Seems lately either I can’t get mortgage lenders to stop sending me all of their spammy emails or they simply ignore urgent questions. It’s one irritant or the other. Some guy called last week to say he noticed I am closing a lot of sales, so he must have just gotten his license. He wanted to know if I could meet with him because he believes he should acquire more friends. Bully for him. No. Then he asked if he could buy me coffee. No, again. He didn’t have a script for what happens when his target just says no. Not gonna happen, guy. read more

Dealing With Unreasonable Buyers After a Home Inspection

Home in Elk GroveA home inspection is only for a buyer’s edification and not a license to ask for repairs after a home inspection, but what do buyers know? When it comes to advising clients in a real estate transaction, this Sacramento real estate agent is direct with her advice. There is no skirting around the issue. I try to present a balanced picture for clients, pros and cons of actions they could take or ignore, especially when it comes to the dreaded Request for Repairs, which are often a buyer’s response to a home inspection. I wish often that agents would provide a better education for their clients, but then that would involve recommending top-notch home inspectors at all times, and that’s just not a reality. read more

The Consequences When Buyers Write Multiple Offers

Woman Holding Two HousesWhen sellers discover that a buyer’s agent had allegedly written multiple offers for Sacramento home buyers — both of which were accepted — it can be normal for sellers to want to express outrage and direct those feelings toward the buyers. Because the buyers should not play games, the sellers might say. The sellers might feel deceived, believe the buyers are dishonest, when all the buyers are really doing is following the ill advice of their buyer’s agent.

Some brokerages in Sacramento recommend this practice, I hear. I can’t believe that any reputable real estate brokerage would advise their agents to write multiple offers for buyers but I don’t know what goes on inside every brokerage in town. I know what Lyon Real Estate lawyers advise, and that is: don’t write multiple offers. They say there is a good faith covenant inherent in the residential purchase agreement that could be breached if a buyer can’t afford to own both homes and tries to simultaneously purchase. read more

Do Sacramento Buyer’s Agents Push Up Home Values?

Buyers Agents Sacramento.300x200Here is a new dig about real estate agents that I haven’t heard before. A potential seller of a home in Land Park called to talk about her overpriced home and how it got that way. During the conversation about how and why she paid too much for it — which I’ll get to another day in another blog — she mentioned that she was trying to buy a home in East Bay. When I mentioned I have a close friend who works in her targeted city and she might want to contact that agent to see homes, the caller threw out this crazy idea. read more

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