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Do You Love Farm Life in Sacramento County?

farm life sacramento county

Do you love farm life in Sacramento County? This time of year the fields remind this Sacramento Realtor of the green hills of Wales. I remember the sheep on the hillsides from a vacation there and the color of green was almost fluorescent.

Some people don’t know this about me, but I live in the rural south county area of Sacramento. The land and the trees here are so beautiful. There is nothing as pretty as the fruitless cherry trees in full pink blossom, all the way down my long driveway. There is a gorgeous canopy of large oak trees on the other side of the driveway, by the flowing creek. The brown fence blends into the landscape and feels so natural. Plus, my long driveway offers so much privacy.

The grass is so very rich in proteins that my mini horses have to be limited on how much they eat. They are rather large eaters and overeating can cause serious health issues. I put my two black and white pinto girls in a stall for some time during each day or they would eat themselves sick. These mini horses can eat themselves into a very serious illness. My horses are only 30 inches tall, called mini horses. They are always running and playing in the fields, I think they do love farm life in Sacramento County.

My filly, the 3-year-old black and white was born here on my land. She was so tall and her mother had to have my help with the delivery. With every contraction, I pulled on the two exposed front hooves and finally she entered this world. My own mother was there for delivery and we dried her with towels. I got the mare some hay as she was hungry and tired at 3 am on a spring early morning. Checked the placenta to make sure it was not torn. If the placenta was damaged, my mare could get very sick; it was perfect, fully delivered. All looked good.

The filly stood up and nursed like a pro. It was time to walk them into the stall. We had bedded it down with soft shavings about a foot deep. It felt like a goose down comforter and the baby horse — called a foal — loved it. She was here at last. So now that you have seen my green pastures and heard about my black-and-white beauties, do you love farm life in Sacramento County? If so call Weintraub & Wallace Realtors we will find you green acres of your own, in the gorgeous rural area of Sacramento real estate.

— JaCi Wallace

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