black sands mauna lani

Snorkeling at Mauna Lani Black Sands Beach

black sands beach

OK, totally on purpose that I did not bring my cellphone to snorkeling at Black Sands Beach. Just do not feel comfortable leaving my phone on the beach, but I don’t know why. For starters, nobody can get into an iPhone unless they have my face or code. Then again, thieves don’t always think or they wouldn’t be thieves. What they see is a beach bag with stuff in it, so they might grab it on the outside hope it’s valuable.

However I have never heard of nor seen anybody swiping a beach bag from a towel on the beach. Also, bringing my phone would mean it might ring, and if it rang, I’d answer it, and if I answered it, I’d be talking about Sacramento real estate on the beach instead of enjoying the view.

The view at Black Sands Beach yesterday included the gorgeous Kohala mountains, rimmed by low lying bungalows at Mauna Lani, brilliant blue skies and choppy seas with whales breaching. Every couple of minutes, numerous whale blow holes gushed vertical waterfalls, followed by the tail slaps. I envisioned the whales doing a handstand on their pectoral fins. Look Ma!

I also learned a few things about snorkeling I did not know, especially since I am basically self taught from my trip to Vanuatu 5 years ago. Like how to clear water from my mask by letting water in, pressing the mask against my forehead and blowing really hard through my nose. My new friend Anita is an excellent snorkeler. That woman can do kayaks, SCUBA, paddle boarding as well as snorkel. She suggested we try out Black Sands Beach, which I would have never found at Mauna Lani if it wasn’t for her.

You probably won’t believe this, but I actually went 5 hours without my cellphone. On purpose. Just conversation, snorkeling at Black Sands Beach and watching the whales. It was a glorious afternoon.

black sands beach

Really enjoyed the ride home to Kona, too. Look at those gleaming cones over the road sign, and the clouds are beautiful. They could be a type of altocumulus. I’m just beginning to study clouds. Aloha!

Elizabeth Weintraub

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