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What Makes a Sacramento Real Estate Agent the #1 Top Producer?

Best Sacramento Real Estate AgentWhat makes a real estate agent a #1 Top Producer in Sacramento? Lots of real estate agents can call themselves the best Sacramento real estate agent or the top Sacramento real estate agent, but what criteria do they use to qualify themselves? Some agents, I suppose, just call themselves #1 because nobody told them they can’t do it and they’re simply clueless. If you don’t know any clueless real estate agents, then hey, I bet you’re one of those guys who say they don’t know any gay or lesbian people, either. Some people can’t see past their own noses. read more

Looking at Sacramento Homes for Sale From a Buyer’s Perspective

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New Home Listing in Sacramento

It’s very difficult to color correct photographs when a kitten is attacking my television monitor. Typing doesn’t seem to excite little Tessa as much as when I move the mouse around and magic happens in front of her eyes. She appreciates when I use the tool that lightens shadows, and she is madly in love with the adjustments I make using Levels in Photoshop. As a Sacramento real estate agent, I often agonize over my photographs because I want to make sure that each and every photo does its job properly online. read more

No Homes for Sale in Sacramento

homes for sale in sacramentoThe real estate market in Sacramento is a little bit like that website depicting reasons why You Will Not Go to Space Today. I could easily create a website about why homebuyers are not buying a home today, except I can’t draw very well. Great Sacramento real estate agent, but lousy artist. I know my limitations.

A guy called yesterday to ask about a Sacramento listing. Said he found it among his list of homes for sale. He was looking on Zillow, poor guy. I don’t know how to get the word out to buyers that looking on Zillow is the wrong place to look. So is Trulia and, if we’re really talking about homes for sale, is not that hot, either. All of those websites are missing listings, showcase expired and sold homes, and they take too danged long to update. If you’re gonna buy a home in Sacramento, you better be getting your listings from a Sacramento real estate agent, either from an agent’s MLS-connected website or, even better, directly from MLS yourself. read more

The Value of an Experienced Sacramento Real Estate Agent

Do you ever wonder about the experience levels of some of the professionals you pay? Not to knock medical assistants or dental hygienists, but don’t those TV ads trying to lure deadbeats educate aspiring students bother you somewhat? They make me want to ask my doctor’s assistant where she went to school and what she did before she became a medical assistant. Most of us probably want to believe our doctor’s assistant went to college, earned a degree, on top of fulfilling a calling to the medical profession, a passion to help people, and is dedicated to medicine. I don’t know if you get that with a 6-month course and education financing through HSBC. read more

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