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Selling a Newer Home in Elk Grove is Not Always Easy

selling a newer home in Elk Grove

Selling a newer home in Elk Grove can mean overcoming obstacles.

When an Elk Grove seller called me about selling a newer home in Elk Grove, she thought it would be a piece of cake. Apparently the seller interviewed a bunch of Elk Grove Realtors and rejected them all until she met me. She wanted to hire me because she heard I sold the house on the corner in one day at a record price. I did do that. But I simply lucked out by selling to a buyer from the Bay Area for all cash. The price I sold it at would not have appraised. No comps to support it.

I pointed this out to the seller and suggested we start the list price at the same price. It was the same square footage. Similar condition. This seller was leaving for Europe shortly but I assured her once we had an offer, she could sign the deed at title and be done with that part. Everything else could be handled via email and web.

No sooner did we put this home on the market than bam, we received a full-price offer. I sent the offer to the seller and asked her what she thought. She didn’t want to take the offer. She didn’t like the buyers. Her gut instincts told her not to sell to those people. Well, you can’t really do that when you’re selling a newer home in Elk Grove. If she didn’t want to take the offer, we would need to raise the price. I removed the home from MLS, signed a new listing at a higher price. This also reset the days on market and made it look like it was a brand new listing.

Talk about a crazy market. We raised the price and the same buyers wrote another offer at the new price. This time the seller accepted the offer. Within a week, the buyers developed cold feet and canceled without cause. Well, the seller was certainly right about them! By now, though, the seller was off to Europe. It’s OK, I assured her, she can go to the US Embassy in London to get the deed notarized.

Along came another buyer. We went into escrow and neared the date to release the inspection contingencies. The new buyer did not seem to trust anyone. There was a language barrier as well. We were also in the process of replacing 7 defective windows in the house. They were ordered, just not yet received. We gave the buyer all of the information regarding the installation process. The seller made an appointment at the Embassy in London to sign the deed. Everything was hunky dory, when all of a sudden, the buyers canceled.

I don’t know if he didn’t believe the windows would be installed. Or, whether the story he shared about too much noise behind the homes held any water. In any event, he canceled. So the seller canceled her appointment at the Embassy. We went back on the market as a new listing again. Agents in Elk Grove began to think we were a little crazy or touched in the head.

One thing I know how to do well is selling a newer home in Elk Grove. I then got my hands on the appraisal and discovered it appraised for a $1,000 more than our sales price. Not only that, but the square footage was a lot different than the square footage in the public records. It was not identical to the home I sold in the spring.

Whoa! That meant we needed to change the price. We bumped it up, reset the days on market, and created a brand new listing again. No sooner did it go back on the market than the buyer called to say he had changed his mind and no longer wanted to cancel. You know, you just can’t make up this stuff.

The seller appeared angry with the buyers for canceling in the first place, upset over the grief they caused, so she inserted a smiley face in the cancellation agreement. Knowing this, I had to share the odd news the buyer wanted back into escrow. But not without a plan for her. I suggested she demand a complete release of all contingencies and insist that the buyer give her the earnest money deposit outside of escrow, as non-refundable. In addition to raising the price.

Fortunately, those 3 things satisfied her. The buyer agreed and we closed this week. Not without a few other hurdles to climb. Partly because we could not secure a new appointment at the Embassy and it closed for a move. But I don’t have all day to go into it, and it was enough just to live through the process of selling a newer home in Elk Grove. Suffice to say, it closed on the very last day the buyers had before being kicked out of their apartment.

This is what a Sacramento Realtor does. Resolves issues. The seller made almost $10,000 more than she initially expected, and the buyer has a nice home near his relatives. If you’re thinking about selling a newer home in Elk Grove, call Elizabeth Weintraub at 916.233.6759.

Reviews Show Elizabeth Weintraub is a Top Listing Agent in Elk Grove

top listing agent in Elk Grove

This top listing agent in Elk Grove receives reviews that confirm performance.

A funny thing happened a few days ago to this top listing agent in Elk Grove. I had received a referral to a couple of sellers who were selling a home in Elk Grove owned by their parents. They wanted to know more about me, so I shared the fact I have sold hundreds of homes in Elk Grove. I’ve been in the business for 43 years, and they are unlikely to find another agent with such a unique track record. Lyon Real Estate has an office in Elk Grove, as well as 16 other offices throughout Sacramento. I am also not just a top listing agent in Elk Grove, in fact, I rank in the top agents in all of Sacramento County.

Not good enough, the sellers said.

They asked if I live in Elk Grove. Nope, I happen to live in Land Park. Well, their parents only did business with locals, and an office in Elk Grove was not good enough. I should live on the street, I suppose. First time I had ever heard that. It’s OK. There are all sorts in the world. Some people want to hire only women. Others prefer unmarried agents. You can’t judge anybody for their beliefs.

And then I received this review via email from an independent website yesterday. From a seller in Elk Grove for whom I sold a home at $26,000 above the comparable sales because I sold it for cash. Makes up for people who want me to live in a house on their street, which I do not understand. I, too, do business locally, but to me that means Sacramento County.

Here is that review about a top listing agent in Elk Grove under Sacramento Realtor Reviews:

“Elizabeth is the best hands down! We found her and her team by researching the best agents in Elk Grove and came across her profile. As first time sellers, we were pretty nervous about the whole process, but Elizabeth came in and reassured us that everything would be okay. She made everything happen quickly, efficiently, and seamlessly.

“We never expected our house to sell and escrow to close as quickly as it did. The whole process from start to finish lasted only 11 DAYS!!! Thankfully Elizabeth was there to guide us through the entire process. She made sure we understood every step and was extremely responsive and attentive to all of our questions. We absolutely loved working with Elizabeth and definitely recommend her to anyone looking to sell! You will not be disappointed with the Weintraub team!”
3 Donson Ct, Elk Grove, CA 95758

Lake View Laguna West Home Sold in 6 Days Over List Price

lake view laguna west home

Upgraded lake view Laguna West home at 9200 Bearint Way.

No matter how many times I prove it, sellers often wonder whether it is worth it to hire a full-service Realtor, especially to sell a desirable lake view Laguna West home. It’s OK that they might be doubtful. Adding to their incertitude, if they have never worked with an Elk Grove listing agent like me whose sole practice is based on seller representation, coupled with a strong focus on maximizing profit potential, I can see why they might raise an eyebrow. I could just be some ol’ agent who sells houses, but I am not.

When I first met with the seller of this lake view Laguna West home, she had been renting her home for several years after moving to Carmichael. Based on the comparable sales at that time and the condition of her home, which was a little beat up, her value was estimated at about $50,000 less than the amount at which we eventually sold her home. The location was excellent, with a view of the lake from the second floor master suite. But the house itself was rather ordinary.

The carpeting was a sea green, almost bluish. Trendy at its time but it did not hold up to today’s standards. First I had to separate the seller from her love affair with this carpeting. To be respectful about the fact she had chosen this unfortunate color. The walls were painted builder-grade light cream. All of the wood trim in the house was oak, the cabinets and railings. There was nothing really special about it, except it had a good layout, with a highly desirable first-floor bedroom. Although the back yard featured alley access for RV, the yard was sloped downhill and rather small.

I had a vision for the seller, though.

I shared my vision of rich chocolate cabinets. She could hire a painter to spray the weathered wood. We could spruce up the kitchen further by installing an oversized pre-rinse faucet and hanging a couple of pendants over the island. We traded the first floor carpeting for hickory wide-planked engineered wood. I made several trips to the house to check on the progress of the upgrades. We discussed precise positioning of the pendants. Colors for the walls.

Next up, we staged the home. The seller was undecided about spending another $300 to $500 for extra accessories and window coverings. She was looking at the small picture instead of the big picture. Sometimes it is the little details that make a huge difference, so she opted for the full home staging package. It was magnificent. I hardly recognized the house when she was finished.

People don’t know this about me, but at a juncture in my 40+ years real estate career, I stopped selling houses and instead bought homes to fix up and flip. I moved into the houses and did all the work myself, starting out with a small two-bedroom home and working myself up to tri-level 1898 Victorian, which almost tripled in value upon resale. I have a good eye for detail and know how to present a home in its best light. I also understand the hands-on aspects of remodeling, how to create beautiful illusions on a budget.

We had initially met in November of 2016, the seller and I. After touring the home, I suggested we walk around the lake to chat. I laid out our plan as we strolled in the brisk fall sunshine. The seller took her time to finish the house and completed the remodeling jobs by the end of February. It was an extraordinary makeover. She was delighted. She was even more delighted when we sold the lake view Laguna West home for $50,000 more than its initial estimate. It took us 6 days to settle on an offer because we were involved in multiple-offers. Just as we were about to settle on an offer, I received a call from a Bay Area agent. Could she show the home? Could her buyer submit a bid and, if so, how much would it take?

I received written permission from the seller to name a number. The buyer met that suggested price and beat the multiple counter offers. Then, during escrow, after the inspections, the buyer’s agent sent a Request for Repair. Bear in mind we sold the home to the buyer with the understanding it was sold AS IS, meaning without any additional repairs nor credits. I especially pointed out the large window over the stairs that was defective and cloudy. We do not want to hear about this window after the home inspection, I cautioned the agent.

But like buyers often do, they want to try to squeeze more money during inspections. Even though they agreed to buy the home AS IS, they asked for a concession. This is the part where the buyer’s agent can either help a buyer to move forward or encourage a buyer to ask for a concession because they believe the adage, “You never know.” Well, you DO know when it’s my listing. The agent’s reason for asking for the concession was based on the fact the buyers paid $12,000 over list price and now they would like some of it back.

What? Is that a negotiation tactic?

I suggested to the seller they reject the Request for Repair. They are not obligated to repair anything. The answer to the buyer’s agent was no.

A day passed and the buyer’s agent called again to plead. Couldn’t the sellers please give her buyers SOMETHING, anything? Maybe just $500? Seemed to me like she had gotten herself into a pickle. What does the seller look like? A charity? This is why agents need to engage in lengthy conversations with their buyers long before any offers are created, and to thoroughly educate their buyers. It’s more work, yes, but then they could avoid these complicated situations they set themselves up for. It’s much better to establish expectations early on.

Our answer to the buyer’s agent was no. Now, if the buyer’s agent elected to contribute $500 toward her buyers’ cause, to ease their awful pain of buying a gorgeous lake view Laguna West home, that was her prerogative. And this is why happy sellers hire Elizabeth Weintraub at their Sacramento Realtor.

This is the third home I have recently sold on this street. 9200 Bearint Way, Elk Grove, CA 95757 sold at $487,000 on April 3, 2017. We went on the market March 3rd and closed escrow exactly 30 days later.

Coming Soon Listings in Elk Grove

elk grove realtor

9027 E Valley Dr, Elk Grove, CA 95624 is a Coming Soon listing on market 2/5/16.

It was a wet and gloomy day on Friday, but that did not hold back my sunny disposition as I pulled up in front of my new Coming Soon listing in Elk Grove. This home is located just down the street from another I sold at Thanksgiving, a listing that those poor sellers almost had to report their former agent to the Cal BRE to get him to release his grip. A home that many agents vehemently disagreed with us on about the price, but did sell at list price. So, there. Spittooey on those agents. I tend to pull rabbits out of hats when needed, and that’s why sellers hire this Elk Grove Realtor.

I do the impossible.

I also do the possible with great flair. In fact, I prefer the possible over the impossible, but I take them both. The possible means my job can run somewhat smoother, providing I line up everything in advance. Preplanning is my forté. That’s why I might create a Coming Soon listing. Not every agent likes, appreciates or understands Coming Soon listings, mostly buyer’s agents, I suspect. However, from a listing agent’s point of view, a Coming Soon listing draws excitement and creates an atmosphere to generate multiple offers, providing it is the right property.

Not all of the homes in Elk Grove qualify in my mind for a Coming Soon listing. Only exceptional properties, and you know the kind of home I’m talking about right? How about a darling single-level that was previously the builder’s model home? Model homes are special. They tend to feature all sorts of upgrades and extra touches that reach buyers emotionally. Matching drapes, custom wall colors, designer features such as dual framed mirrors in the baths, inlaid tile and tiffany light fixtures; not to mention plantation shutters, crown molding, vaulted ceilings, engineered wood flooring . . .

. . . and best of all, this Coming Soon listing exists in the real world today, the Hampton Oaks community of Elk Grove. No, maybe best of all is it is priced under $300,000, which makes it very affordable for a first-time home buyer.

Check it out in the link above on Zillow: 9027 E. Valley Drive, Elk Grove, CA 95624. Showings start on Friday, February 5th, and the gala open house is Sunday, February 7th. If you’re thinking about selling a home in Elk Grove, call your top producer, Elizabeth Weintraub, at 916.233.6759.

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