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Stunning Home in Carmichael Closed Escrow at $1.2 million

home in del Dayo

My team members and I fell in love with this home in Carmichael on Del Dayo Drive. It is an absolutely beautiful and stunning home. Not only that, but the sellers invested quite a bit of money in new luxury vinyl plank flooring in the master suite and entire lower level. We tried to repair the granite island counter that had been stained. At the last minute, the handyman was afraid to touch it and opted out of that repair. Since it was time to go on the market, we could not wait any longer.

My solution for that was to send the buyer to Kitchen Design Center inside Filco and let them choose a new counter top, which the seller would pay for. We obtained a bid from Kitchen Design and uploaded that bid to MLS, in full disclosure. At this point, the sellers were excited and happy to turn over the home to a new buyer. But 4 weeks passed without an offer. Also, many buyers complained about the house. read more

How to Avoid a Bad Mortgage Lender in Sacramento

bad mortgage lender

You can reduce chances of getting a bad mortgage lender by staying local to Sacramento.

If you’re working with a bad mortgage lender, you probably won’t realize it until your file is submitted to underwriting and rejected. Because bad mortgage lenders, bless their little inexperienced souls, don’t generally mean to screw up your loan; you know, that’s not their intent. They should know the terms for which your loan will get rejected, but often they don’t. And to be even more objective, sometimes institutional lender guidelines allow for exceptions that mortgage brokers might not. read more

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