are realtors overpaid

The Reasons Realtors Get Paid So Much

reasons realtors get paid so much

There are many valid reasons Realtors get paid so much.

For those who wonder about the reasons Realtors get paid so much, I’ve got news for you. For starters, they don’t. According to NAR most Realtors earn around $45,000 a year. Is that a lot of money to you? Further, you’ve got good Realtors and bad Realtors, just like any other profession. I hate to break it to you, but that dentist who is sticking a drill bit in your mouth? He’s that snotty-nose kid who used to sit behind you in third grade, kicking your chair. Although his grade point average throughout grade school was a lousy D-minus, he grew up and got a license to practice dentistry. And now he’s your dentist. Or your Realtor. read more

Do Real Estate Agents Make Too Much Money?

Home Selling SacramentoBefore we get started on the topic of whether real estate agents make too much money, let me be clear that I am not about to tell you how much money I earn as a top producing Sacramento Realtor, because how much I earn as a real estate agent is not what this blog about, plus it’s kinda gauche to discuss. I’d like to talk about how those in the 1%, whether it’s all people in the world or just the top agents in any given community, are often looked down upon and intensely disliked simply because they earn more money than somebody else. It’s like everybody gets dumped into one category, being earning more than the person who is upset about it earns. read more

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