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A Silver Lining to a Sad Successor Trustee Sale

successor trustee sale

This successor trustee sale focused on a silver lining at the end.

Right before I received the “confirmation of closing” email for a successor trustee sale near Elk Grove, I had received bad news from my vet about our cat Horatio. Poor little guy had a bit of diarrhea, so I took him to the River City Cat Clinic in Land Park. We adopted Horatio about a month ago. The vet suggested we test him for leukemia and AIDS, since he came from a shelter. Well, the vet called yesterday afternoon to say the results came back positive.

When I was 23, I lost my Himalayan, Cairo, to leukemia. I had visited that cat daily in the hospital. He could barely stand up with tubes taped to his legs, he was so sick. I would reach through his cage and gingerly hold him, trying not to sob. He didn’t make it. I can’t do this again, is my first thought. read more

What Happens After the Notice to Buyer to Perform?

Notice to Buyer to Perform

Buyers who receive the Notice to Buyer to Perform could be subject to cancellation.

Few home sellers in Sacramento really look forward to executing a Notice to Buyer to Perform, but sometimes that real estate document can become a necessity. ¡Si, yo necesito! That generally come about because the buyer has not taken some sort of contractual action arising from the California Residential Purchase Agreement. Things such as removing the inspection contingencies or appraisal contingency. Just because the contract by default gives the buyer 17 days to remove inspection contingencies does not mean those contingencies automatically expire on Day 17. NO, contingencies can continue until closing if not released. read more

A Solution for Home Buyers Facing a Contingency Release Deadline

Purchase Agreement For HouseA Sacramento real estate agent who represents sellers is generally vigilant about following the terms of the purchase contract and asking buyers for a contingency release upon the specified dates. Unless otherwise altered, buyers typically agree to release inspection contingencies, loan and appraisal contingencies by the 17th day. The listing agent is sometimes viewed as an ogre or a downright meanie if her seller asks the buyer to perform in accordance with the contract.

It’s not unusual after a request for contingency release for this listing agent to receive from the buyer’s agent a tirade of blistering words, mish-mashed together in a denunciatory nature, sounding as though the buyer’s agent is angry but lacks an ability to grasp the right words to get the point across. Sort of reminds me of Daffy Duck sputtering you’re despicable. The buyer’s agent generally ends the diatribe with the supposed justification of: I’m just protecting my buyer. read more