agent visual inspection

Why Agents Should Explain all Home Selling Documents to Sellers

home selling documents

Explaining all home selling documents to sellers helps to avoid confusion later.

Home selling documents are not as simple and straight forward as some of us like to believe. Especially when you’re been in the real estate business for as many decades as I have, I have probably forgotten about more documents than the existing home selling documents we use today. We Sacramento listing agents can become complacent and assume sellers know everything when sellers usually know very little.

Even if the seller has sold homes in the past, almost every transaction is different, unique in some way. The home selling documents can also vary from transaction to transaction. read more

Why Does an Agent Prepare an Agent Visual Inspection?

agent visual inspection

All real estate agents should prepare an a thorough agent visual inspection.

Agents who don’t prepare an agent visual inspection deserve what they get. For many real estate agents working in Sacramento today, the 1984 case of Easton v. Strassburger is nothing but a legal phrase they recall from a real estate exam and meaningless to them today. Since I had already been working for years in real estate when the California court of appeal ruled on this legendary case, the ramifications of Easton v. Strassburger struck fear in my heart and it’s never left. This landmark lawsuit changed the way I forever since have done business. read more

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