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The Story of Closing a Home in Upper Land Park

new listing in upper land parkThe first time I spoke with the seller of this home in Upper Land Park, I was in the middle of my winter vacation in Hawaii. But since part of the purpose of having a home in Hawaii is to work from that location, it’s not really working for me. Plus, I think my clients like it when I’m in Hawaii because they know I will answer my phone up to 9 or 10 PM at night, due to the time change. On top of which, I am generally there alone, so there are no other distractions. I’m focused on them. read more

New Listing in Upper Land Park: Adorable 2-3 Bedroom Cottage

new listing in upper land park

A new listing in Upper Land Park presents an exciting opportunity to buy into a neighborhood which has no commercial properties, unlike other parts of Land Park. This particular home is tucked away off of Santa Buena, near the freeway, in an area with little through traffic. Our back story takes us to the original construction of this home in 1949. The builder who constructed this home used the old method of combining clay mud with straw to form adobe bricks and drying the bricks in the sun. read more

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