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Closed Another Woodside Oaks Condo in Alicante Villas

alicante villas one bedroom condoSome agents have implied that selling a Woodside Oaks condo is too difficult because they believe the HOA dues are too high, so they take too long to sell and agents won’t get a fast sale. Me, I’ve never worried about fast sales. Like I told a seller today, he should go on the market by early June to capture what’s left of our spring market, but he can also wait until he’s ready. Now is optimum for highest concentration of buyers. But if he’s not ready, I’m not gonna push. I’ll wait until next year. Makes no difference to me, although it might to him. read more

New Listing Woodside Oaks Alicante Villas One Bedroom Condo

alicante villas one bedroom condo

What can I say about the Woodside Oaks complex or an Alicante Villas one bedroom condo that I haven’t said before? I’ve sold a few other condos in this complex, which is probably why sellers keep calling me to sell their condos. I really like the Woodside Oaks condos. They are set up as two fourplex units connected by a bridge and set of stairs. This particular cluster is second to last at the very end of the complex, next to Sierra. But not right on Sierra.

In fact, this Alicante Villas one bedroom condo is on the inside of the cluster, in the second building and toward the back. So it’s pretty quiet. The unit is also a one-story, which many buyers find extremely desirable. In addition, it is a first-floor unit, which only adds to the desirability. read more

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