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Do You Need a Referral to a Sacramento Realtor?

The Elizabeth Weintraub Team

Elizabeth Weintraub (middle) of Elizabeth Weintraub Team

There are some agents who do not want to work with referrals; however, if you need a referral to a Sacramento Realtor, your search is over. I am a top producer in Sacramento who gets results. Lately, I’ve been receiving a bunch of referrals from a company in San Francisco. They get their referrals through SEO Google juice, same place as many people find me directly, so it’s odd that so many sellers end up in the same spot, hiring Elizabeth Weintraub. Every so often I will have the seller call me directly while also going through this company, so that can make it a bit awkward for the company, yet they understand. There are only a limited number of top producers in Sacramento.

I love referrals, and it doesn’t matter to me where they originate. It is business I would not have had, in most circumstances, without the referral, so it’s welcome. I know there are agents who grumble and complain, and they don’t like to receive leads, just like there are agents who don’t like to answer their phone. It’s never made sense to me. When your phone rings, it’s often a buyer with a question about a home, or a seller who lives down the street and is thinking about selling. A ringing phone means business. Aren’t those people in the Sacramento real estate business? Why don’t they kiss the feet of a referral to a Sacramento Realtor?

Don’t you guys be asking me to kiss your feet now. But you get my point, right?

This company in San Francisco who sends me referrals has access to my production in MLS. I’m not sure how they get this information, but they know exactly how many homes I sell and the neighborhoods and cities in which I sell. I move a lot of homes in West Sacramento, Natomas, Elk Grove, Carmichael, all the way to Lincoln, as well as my home base of Land Park, Curtis Park, East Sacramento, Midtown and the whole Capital Corridor. I’m one of the few referral Sacramento Realtors who feels completely comfortable selling homes in 4 counties.

You can name a street and I’ve probably sold a home in that neighborhood, or on that street or close enough that I know exactly where the home is located. I call the clients immediately upon referral to a Sacramento Realtor like me. No dillydallying around, no waiting until the moment “feels right,” I just grab the phone and pound in the number. Clients are shocked that I respond so quickly. But I’ve had more than 40 years in the business to hone my response time. Communication is my middle name.

I received a referral a few days ago to sell a home in Sacramento. The seller said she knows I have a good reputation, has seen my signs around town. She also realizes I sold the home next door. But still, she went to this San Francisco company to get a referral to me. It’s all good, though, and I am happy for the referral. If she needs that extra endorsement, that’s fine.

If you need a referral to a Sacramento Realtor, please call Elizabeth Weintraub at 916.233.6759. I try to exceed expectations and have the reviews that showcase those results.

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