Sunset Terrace Restaurant and Bar at Kona Coast Resort

sunset terrace at kona coast resort

When Laura suggested we all go to Sunset Terrace Restaurant and Bar at Kona Coast Resort, I thought it sounded a bit weird. This is a timeshare and rental spot in Keauhou near where I go paddleboarding in Keauhou Bay. Why would anybody want to hang out at a restaurant tucked away off the beaten path in a condo resort? However, I quickly found out why when we went there on Sunday.

The word on the street is many of the renters and timeshare owners do not use the services available at the resort. I mean, why would they? The units have kitchens. A reason to stay at a timeshare or condo rental is to utilize a kitchen for meals. Plus, I imagine people who stay there are frugal. Otherwise, wouldn’t they stay at a hotel? I don’t really know, but I suspect because tourism is down, that Sunset Terrace Restaurant and Bar at Kona Coast Resort is losing money.

sunset terrace restaurant and bar at kona coast resorts

Hurricane Lane and then the eruption at Kilauea affected tourism on Big Island tremendously. Who wants to visit an island with hurricanes and lava blasts?

As a result, the Sunset Terrace Restaurant and Bar at Kona Coast Resort has begun marketing to attract locals in Kona on Sunday night. There was music, Ronnie V and the Family Band, from 5:30 to 7:30. We could go swimming in the pool, sweat it out in the sauna or soak in the spa. Dinner was really surprising for a bar and restaurant tucked away in this resort. Affordable drinks, too. A glass of Kendall Jackson Chardonnay was only $8.00.

We met a couple of women from Canada who were almost attacked in a parking lot by some crazy woman wielding a stick. They asked if that was normal behavior. For whom? I’ve never seen anything like that but then I would not engage in a conversation with a crazy woman. I steer clear of those types of people whenever I can. It’s bad enough I encounter them in Sacramento real estate transactions.

About that time, I received a seller’s counter offer signed and accepted by the buyers. Which always perks me up. Because while it’s 7 PM in Hawaii, it is 9 PM in Sacramento. If I had been in Sacramento, I would not have received the counter offer because all my electronics would be turned off. I have no complaints about working on Sacramento real estate when I am in Hawaii.

However, it’s difficult to find. To get to the Sunset Terrace Restaurant and Bar in Kona Coast Resort, it’s best to turn off from 11 on Kamehameha III, like you’re going to Keauhou Bay. Take a right at Sam Choy’s and drive around the back of the restaurant and through the shopping mall. At the sign for Kona Coast Resort, hang a right and park. Walk toward the ocean, and you’ll find a gate on the left for guests only.

It seems like it is locked. But it is not locked. Pull up on the ball on top of the gate and push it. Welcome to Sunset Terrance Restaurant and Bar at Kona Coast Resorts. It’s a nice way to spend a few hours on a Sunday night with friends. Maybe I’ll see some of you there?

Elizabeth Weintraub

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