Why Is a Stubbed Toe Incredibly Painful When the Toe is So Small?

stubbed toeThis morning I have to ask my silly self why am I responding to emails when I should be searching the web for information on a painful stubbed toe, which I may have fractured by tripping over my hand weights. It was so painful that I had a hard time sleeping, yet here I am answering emails and taking care of my clients instead of looking for information to alleviate my pain. That seems a bit defeatist and almost masochistic, neither of which are qualities inherent in this Sacramento real estate agent.

Yeah, my husband complained about me leaving the weights on the floor. He warned me. I think he had a stubbed toe from the weights. But did I listen to the point of taking action? It’s not so much that I purposely abandon the weights in the middle of the floor as it is when I am finishing my sequence of daily exercises, my phone rings. I jump up and pace, focus on the call, fully intending to move my foam roll and hand weights to their designated storage spots, but I just don’t get back to it.

If it’s a choice between leaving my weights on the floor as cat toys and possible stubbed toe attractions or handling a problem in escrow, I tackle the latter.

Apart from answering my phone and working on my computer, at least I don’t have any pressing appointments this weekend that will take me away from the house. I have a lockbox to retrieve from a closing, but that can wait a few days. They say the important thing is to keep the foot elevated, make sure it’s not black-and-blue, swollen or has bones sticking through the skin and, as a safety precaution, tape the toes together.

An alternative is to sit for hours and hours in emergency care at the hospital, and I’d rather poke my eyes out than go there. Stubbed toe pain is incredibly painful but it’s not so bad if you don’t move the toe. I’ll just wait until Monday and get an appointment with my doctor for an X-ray. I can work that appointment around my listing appointment in West Sacramento, because I’m not leaving my seller hanging. She needs to go on the market, and it’s not like I can’t walk.

OK, maybe there is a slight resemblance to Igor.

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