Do You Struggle When Making Decisions?


Do not be hard on yourself if you struggle with making decisions.

Decisions, decisions. You know how some people really struggle with making decisions? Like, should I buy a home? Should I move into this neighborhood or should I take the offer we just received on our Sacramento home? Those are major decisions that require processing, and everybody works on a different timeframe. Sometimes even minor decisions are a struggle such as what color should I paint my walls? Should I cut my hair? Should I stretch my earlobes to flaunt quarter-sized gauges? Should I shoot up heroin?

I am reaching back into my brain trying to find a time in my life when I seriously had trouble making a decision. I am one of those people who can quickly come to a conclusion and decide. Not a predicament for me. Even though I fully realize that with every decision I make, it means abandoning a ton of other decisions that are no longer an option.

I suspect that’s the part that bothers many other people. It’s not the decision itself, it’s the roads not taken. The regrets that people fear.

A long time ago in another land a wise person once said to me, “Make your decision and then make your decision right.” Most people do that anyway, in a natural way. If you give them enough time.

The reason I can be so patient with my clients in Sacramento real estate is because I understand the reluctance to make a decision, and am emphatic to the anguish that decisions can cause for so many people.

My interaction is to inform, educate and guide. Clients can make their own decisions in their own time. I don’t push anybody. I listen instead. Part of the reason sellers hire this Sacramento Realtor to list a home, for example, is because they don’t want a bumpy escrow. No drama here. They rely on my 40-some years in the business to ensure they don’t make mistakes, to maintain a smooth process, and guard against unsavory tactics that can fluster a less experienced agent.

Sometimes I’m just a sounding board. Should I or shouldn’t I, people ask. I can provide direction but only the decision maker who asked the question can choose.


Do You Struggle When Making Decisions?

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