Some Realtors Do Not Follow Up With Other Sacramento Realtors

It is always a surprise to me when some Realtors do not follow up with other Sacramento Realtors. One example of this was a recent sale of a condo to a lovely young couple. The lockbox on this condo, which we had used for entry, was located on the front door. Nothing was ever said by the listing agent that the lockbox belonged to someone else before we closed.

I called the listing Realtor after closing as she had not removed the lock box. It was still on the front door! Here is the challenge: the listing agent said it is not her lockbox! Well, it was on the front door of her listing. Why didn’t she get it removed? Why did it become our problem? She said the agent who owns the lockbox is ignoring her calls and texts. Of course now it falls on us to get it removed one way or the other. When some Realtors do not follow up with other Sacramento Realtors, it results in a sure-fire way to cause frustration for everyone in a transaction.

When you close escrow as a listing agent, everything should be completed. Something such as ignoring a lockbox on the property, simply because it doesn’t belong to you, is not a good business practice. Whatever is left undone will only surface later and cause frustration for a new owner. I asked the listing agent for the contact information of the lockbox owner. She sent it to me. I called and left a voice mail that it was in everyone’s best interest to remove her lockbox. Additionally, that the property owner is calling Metrolist (our local MLS service provider), to report her. I added I was willing to remove it if she gave me the shackle code. So far, no call back.

When some Realtors do not follow up with other Sacramento Realtors, something easy to solve becomes a weight on other shoulders. We now need to fix a problem that wasn’t ours in the first place. Our clients write 5 star reviews on our listings because these loose ends simply do not happen.

We close the loop each and every time we close an escrow. Further, we also use our own lockboxes as we have some 70+ lockboxes registered in MLS. No need to “borrow” anyone else’s. If you want to ensure your real estate transactions are never left half-baked, call the Weintraub & Wallace team — we finish what we start. 916-233-6759.

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