Should Part-Time Realtors Represent Family Members?

part time realtors represent family members

Should part-time Realtors represent family members? You know what I’m gonna say. Probably not. In fact, even full-time Realtors might want to think twice about representing family members if they want to keep harmony in the family.

However, the real dynamics of such a notion could be devastating to such agents because family often makes up the major portion of their business. Without family members to serve, they wouldn’t be an agent, because nobody else would hire them. And if that’s the case, maybe they shouldn’t be an agent at all.

But there are always those who will say something stupid like “blood is thicker than water.” Which means nothing, really. Is stupidity thicker than water? Who cares? What’s important is that well meaning intentions backed by inexperience is a recipe for disaster. It doesn’t help anybody. You’re better off hiring an experienced and compassionate agent to represent your family than trying to string together bits of delusions based on insecurities. The answer to should part-time realtors represent family members is almost always a nada.

I talked with a part-time Realtor a few days ago about her family members who expressed an interest in one of my listings. In fact, I let her know that one of the family members had called me earlier to ask questions about the home. This set her off. She was not happy about that disclosure, and when I tried to explain it was all right, buyers just get excited when they spot a new listing and don’t always think about calling their own agent, she pooh-poohed that notion.

They’re always going around me, she complained. Sometimes, they are a no-show. I make an appointment to show homes and they don’t show up or call. She ended with, “I’m not even taking a commission.”

What? All the more reason to refer these people to a full-time agent and collect a referral fee. Her comments made me think she now harbors a bit of animosity toward her family members. It’s not worth the ill feelings to try to help them in a professional situation. I don’t know if she’s giving them the commission or deducting it from the sales price or what this is about, but she probably should not be representing them. I mean, what do you want? A close knit family or kids who show no respect?

Should part-time Realtors represent family members if they know what they are doing? All depends on experience. Since agents learn to sell on the job, the more transactions they close, the more knowledge they should acquire. Wouldn’t family members be better served by a professional with loads of experience? Who doesn’t want the best for their family?

Elizabeth Weintraub

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