Should Everybody Buy Flood Insurance?

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This is a timeless article written by Elizabeth for another publication over a decade ago. Should everyone buy flood insurance? Well, with the crazy weather patterns we are having across the country, flood insurance seems a great idea, so, ENJOY.

— JaCi Wallace

“Actually, just about everybody should buy flood insurance because it can flood almost anywhere. For example, floods can happen when rivers overflow, it rains for days on end or when a dam breaks. And flood insurance is so inexpensive to buy, compared to what fixing flood damage can cost.

For example, I lived in a coastal home that fell into the ocean in 1981. Nobody expected the home to collapse, but a freak winter storm raised waves that shot ten feet over my house. Further, that home was located in a protected cove that had never been flooded before.

I also owned a home in the heart of Minneapolis that flooded from heavy rains. Kids were surfing down Nicollet Avenue. A few weeks later, hail the size of baseballs cut holes in the siding, tore the screen windows and severely damaged the roof. You just don’t know what could happen!

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So if you have decided to buy flood insurance, this article might help reinforce your idea. You might also review replacement coverage in your homeowner’s policy. Further, if you are looking for a property inside or outside of the FEMA flood zone area, just call Weintraub & Wallace Realtors, with RE/MAX Gold, at 916-233-6759.”

–Elizabeth Weintraub

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