Should A Buyer Sign An Exclusive Buyer Broker Agreement

Should a buyer sign an exclusive buyer broker agreement? This question is as relevant today as when this article below was originally written, over a decade ago for another website, by Elizabeth. Enjoy. — JaCi Wallace

Shortly after I wrote the article linked below, a reader wrote to me to complain. He said he was looking for a definitive answer in my article, and he couldn’t find it. He wanted to know, gosh darn it, should he or should he not sign a buyer’s broker agreement! So he was quite ticked off about it, too.

To say that every buyer should sign a buyer’s broker agreement is like saying every home is an open house candidate or every buyer should take out a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage. There are no absolutes like this. Much depends on the circumstances, the market, the individual and the real estate agent.

In my article, I laid out ways to compromise and how to negotiate a buyer’s broker agreement but, evidently, that reader didn’t want to be forced to weigh pros and cons. He wanted an answer. Since he demanded an answer, I gave him one.

Read more about Hiring Buyer’s Agents. Should a buyer sign an exclusive Buyer Broker agreement? Decide for yourself. Call Weintraub & Wallace Realtors with RE/MAX Gold, at 916-233-6759.

— Elizabeth Weintraub

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