Settling on a Hawaii Gardener for our Second Home

hawaii gardener

Don’t ask me how many Hawaii gardeners we have hired to work on our yard at our second home. When we’re not there all of the time, plants keep on growing regardless. Plus, we have an HOA, which routinely sends out letters to many of my neighbors, including us, threatening action if our yards are not “maintained.” Yet, we do not have a clear idea of what it is the HOA desires. They say they don’t want vegetation growing higher than the eaves, but that’s not what they mean. They mean not over the eaves. Lots of owners in our community have super tall trees in the middle of their yards. But how close is too close?

Our first Hawaii gardener was in and out in 15 minutes. He arrived roaring with a buzz saw and left blowing out the debris. But that wasn’t gardening. Another never showed up when he said he would. A third I really liked but he kept tearing out our sprinkler heads by tripping over them, and he spoke only Spanish. I can use Google translation and I know a bit of Spanish, but not enough to really converse. A neighbor down the street told me about Charlie. He is a Hawaii gardener with a love for gardening, a passion for the process. Plus, when I found out he knew Barbara Bolton, the only other gardener I know in Kona, well, that cemented the relationship.

His wife is bound to her bedroom and only leaves the house to go to the hospital on a stretcher. He cares for her pretty much 24 / 7. This has been his situation for a long time, according to my neighbor. Apparently, Charlie decided if he could expand his gardening services in the community, he could be closer to his wife when emergencies arise. See, what a nice guy! I felt like we should keep our money in the community.

He even sent me a quick video after he finished up part of our back lanai. We have a front yard bordered by Areca Palms in the photo above. I’m not sure of the names of everything else in our yard. There are fruit trees in the back, and one tree was looking very sickly. Charlie asked if we ever got fruit from it over the past 3 years that we’ve had the house. Nope. So his answer is the tree should be removed. Why couldn’t I see that?

Below is the video he sent. I think you’ll get a kick out of it. I sure did.

Elizabeth Weintraub

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