Selling When Divorcing

Selling When Divorcing

Selling when divorcing was written by Elizabeth for another publication years ago. This topic is very relevant today. In fact, we just sold a property for a divorcing couple. Enjoy … JaCi

There is no reason to let buyers know you are getting divorced when you are selling. If buyers can figure that out, they will offer you less. They will think you are desperate. And let’s face it, some divorcing couples are desperate. They want nothing to do with each other, and the faster their home sells, the better.

But some aren’t antagonistic toward each other, and some divorcing couples aren’t in a rush to sell. Should these sellers be penalized because buyers know their situation? The fact is it’s nobody’s business if you’re getting divorced. You have a commodity to sell. That commodity should be marketed in its best light, utilizing an optimum marketing campaign, just like any other listing.

If buyers know your circumstances, they will circle like vultures after roadkill. Divorcing brings out uncertainty among the parties involved, but it shouldn’t result in sellers shining search lights in the night sky to find buyers. There is no need to advertise the reason to sell. Yet, some divorcing couples inadvertently tell buyers intimate details in ways you can’t begin to imagine.

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— Elizabeth Weintraub

Elizabeth Weintraub
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