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Land Park agent Elizabeth Weintraub works from home in Land Park.

My buyer’s agents were out of town this weekend, so I had to funnel some business elsewhere, plus I put together a couple of transactions myself. This was on top of writing my homebuying articles for, following up on showings and preparing new listing paperwork for this week. I was astonished that only 2 agents responded to my requests for feedback on my new Land Park listing, because we’ve had 8 showings already. That’s a 25% response rate, which is sorta low, especially for homes in Land Park.

But because I’ve been so busy, I was unable to personally meet with a buyer yesterday. He made it pretty clear that he wanted me to write his offer and not somebody else, so it wasn’t like I could ask an associate from my office to do it. You know what they say, right? If you want something done correctly, ask a busy agent. Because a busy agent is an organized agent.

I’m so organized I can make your head spin. Well, not literally because then you’d be like Linda Blair in the Exorcist. Not a pretty sight. I saw that movie when I was 21, and it still freaks me out. Just like it freaks out some people that I can do business without ever leaving my house. If it comes down to it, and it did on Sunday.

My buyer and I emailed for a while, talking about homes in Land Park. He went to the open house, and let the agent know that he was working with me, as all of my buyers are asked to do. It avoids discussions about procuring cause, and it reduces the possible solicitation. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that some buyers walk into open houses in Land Park and blatantly announce they are working with Elizabeth Weintraub even when they are not. Because they have discovered that Land Park agents won’t try to convert them into clients then.

I like writing offers in solitude. It gives me time to reflect on each portion of the offer, time to double check the contract for typos and math. Leisure sans pressure is a great tool for eliminating mistakes. Then I uploaded the offer to DocuSign, answered a few questions for the buyer before he asked — because I know which questions buyers ask. Then zipped it off to the listing agent after signed receipt. Selling homes in Land Park just gets better and better. I love my job. Just ask my Land Park clients. They’ll tell you.

While Elizabeth is in Cuba, we are revisiting blogs published elsewhere.

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