Sellers Signing Escrow Papers With A Dog, My German Shepherd.

escrow papers with a dog

Seller signing escrow papers with a dog, my German Shepherd, at their side today was a sight to behold. This is not something I have ever done in over two decades of selling real estate. Well, there is a first for everything. I had booked an appointment today with the vet for my German Shepherd, Tangi at 9:45 AM with a quick chiropractor appointment for me after at 10: 00 AM. It is located 5 minutes from the vet’s office. What does all this have to do with a seller signing escrow papers with a dog? Well, everything.

I drop off Tangi at 9:45 at the Vet in Elk Grove. I hear her nervous whine, and she looks back at me, not wanting to go back with the vet tech. She boards at this facility, so I fear she thinks she is being abandoned. I dash off to my chiropractor, less than a mile away. I think ok everything is going to plan. I will finish up my chiropractic adjustment and then pick up Tangi to drop her off back at home. Then, I will head out to Placer title by 11:30 A.M. Sure, I can easily make my 12-noon seller signing with Placer title, NOT.

The traction equipment in my Chiropractor’s Office is in use so I’ll have to wait 15 minutes, they said. Well, it was more like 25. The chiropractor is backed up, so I wait to see him. I have not been in a few months, so the first thing he does is he gives me a bit of a lecture. It is Ok as I deserve it. Finally, the adjustment is complete. I schedule my next appointment and fly out the door to my car. I look at my watch. Shoot, I have 35 minutes to pick up Tangi and not enough time to drive her home.

I call the vet’s office and ask, “can I leave Tangi there for two extra hours? ” They say no as every single dog cage is booked due to owner summer vacations. Lots of dogs booked at his state of the art vet hospital and boarding center in June and July. So, I run in to pick up Tangi. I think I will have to drive to the seller signing appointment with my dog as I promised our client I would be there. I quickly pay for the blood test and grab Tangi’s leash as we have just enough time to make it downtown. Placer Title is located on K Street in Sacramento.

Tangi enjoys the ride to Downtown, from Elk Grove. I park underneath the building. I open the back seat and out hops Tangi. We make our way into the building to the elevator. Tangis first elevator ride and we exit the elevator on the third floor. There they are, sitting with the notary. I explain that I had to bring my dog or miss the signing. They pet the dog and thank me for coming. They expressed how much they appreciated my willingness to attend the signing no matter what the obstacles. As I watched them, they were busy signing escrow papers with a dog, my German Shepherd, and Tangi made their day even more special.

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— JaCi Wallace

JaCi Wallace
Weintraub & Wallace

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