Seller Asked: Did You Just Sell a Home in Hampton Station?

sell a home in Hampton Station

When the seller asked did I just sell a home in Hampton Station, I had to stop to think about his question. I did just sell a home in Hamptons Village in Natomas on Tides Edge, but he meant a different subdivision. Mostly homes built by Woodside in Hampton Station in south Sacramento off Florin. When you sell as many homes every year as I do, it’s sometimes a challenge to keep them all straight. This was a subdivision I did not even realize existed until I sold a home at 7511 Georgica Way in Hampton Station.

Secluded doesn’t begin to describe this area. Nothing around it resonates with the construction of all these newer homes. The cluster of homes pretty much stands alone. Some of the homes back to the railroad tracks and power lines; hence my listing on Georgica.

The seller seemed to think his home on Tisdale was an identical model to Georgica, but no. Georgica actually had a better layout. Not to mention, the square footage differed by about 50 or so square feet. Although the lot size at Tisdale was much bigger than Georgica, one of the largest lot sizes among homes in that area. He seemed very insistent that he work with me since I managed to sell a home in Hampton Station.

I mention this because the seller of Tisdale wanted a much higher price. The comparable sales for the area indicated a top price of $340K, but he wanted to push it even further to $345K. OK, fine with me. I was not too happy with the crumpled astro turf he left in the yard, but hey, at least he got rid of the above-ground pool, so focused on the bright side. Besides, I wanted to sell a home in Hampton Station again. This seemed an easier sale than the Georgica sale that overlooked the train tracks and power lines.

Sure enough, after a few showings and our open house, the home sold. Not only did I sell the home through all of my marketing attempts — and I utilize a big arsenal of marketing tools — but it sold for all cash. At full list price. No appraisal. I negotiated no repairs and no credits for the buyers, represented by their own agent. Home free. Such a smooth closing.

7389 Tisdale Way, Sacramento, CA 95822 sold at $345,000 on March 13th, 2018. If you would like to sell a home in Hampton Station, call Elizabeth Weintraub and put 40+ years of experience to work for you. Call 916.233.6759. I answer my cell.

Seller Asked: Did You Just Sell a Home in Hampton Station?

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