Sacramento Housing Bust Led to the Collapse of the Stairway to Heaven

I once committed what some people consider to be a sacrilegious act. This unforgivable thing happened in 1976. I was living in a cramped apartment across the street from the ocean on Balboa Boulevard in Newport Beach, California. Many Friday nights were party nights. You younger kids might not believe this, but people used to gather at each other’s abodes, play records on a turntable and talk face-to-face, to each other, pre-cell and pre-computer era.

One Friday night were all sitting around, chatting, doing whatever we used to do with incense and whatnot, and listening to Stairway to Heaven, by Led Zeppelin. I asked my roommate to change the record. She refused. And that’s when it happened. You know how sometimes you just can’t stand to hear that song one more time? Maybe it’s a song that reminds you of a bad relationship, or an awful time when you were in high school or maybe it just doesn’t stand up to the arduous task of still being enjoyable after playing it over and over and over like, oh, I dunno, like the grating Honey by Bobby Goldsboro, for example. read more

How a Home Buyer Can Kiss Her Earnest Money Deposit Goodbye

We had a banner day in Sacramento short sales on Monday. While last week was one of those rare oddities in which it seemed that every time I turned around I was stepping into a big ol’ pile of stinky dog poop, this week is definitely back on track. I am back to a relatively smooth running real estate business with little bumps in the road along the way but no major potholes. I received 4 short sale approval letters yesterday and 2 extensions.

One approval was for a pool home in Carmichael. Another was for a Bank of America Cooperative short sale in Sacramento; there was an approval for a short sale in Galt, and an all new approval for a popular Carmichael short sale. I received a much needed short sale extension for a short sale that could not close in Rosemont and another in Sacramento, both of which were caused by excessive (buyer) lender delays. read more

A Tip for Getting the Edge When Buying Homes in Sacramento

In this Sacramento real estate market, it doesn’t matter how many offers the seller has received. Yet, agents continue to call and ask that question. Why doesn’t it matter? Because any well priced home will be sold within hours if not within days of hitting the market. If a listing agent doesn’t have an offer when the buyer’s agent calls, you can bet an offer is on its way. Maybe 10 or 20 offers are in the works. It just doesn’t matter.

What does matter is how strong is your purchase offer? How well written is your offer? Have you included any special conditions to make your offer stand out among other offers? read more

Are All of Your Phone Numbers Registered on the Do Not Call List?

Funny how we readily adapt to technology. With a bluetooth device stuck in my ear, I rarely look at my phone anymore when it rings. That’s because my bluetooth device tells me who is calling. However, if I am on the phone already when a call comes in, generally that phone call goes to my voice mail. The problem that I have — and I realize this is probably an isolated situation for most people — is I don’t always remember to check my voice mail. I’m so busy I often forget my phone even rang. There is nothing that nags me to check voice mail unless I actually touch my phone, turn it on and look at it. read more

This is the Reason to Be a Top Listing Agent in Sacramento

listing agent in Sacramento

A fellow real estate agent in Sacramento once told me that she prefers to work with first-time home buyers because they are more grateful than sellers. She said they were totally thrilled to be handed the keys at closing, more so than those who are handing over the keys. They didn’t complain. They didn’t nag her about why isn’t their home selling. I guess she moved up a notch or two in their eyes. And that approach works for her.

I’m very much the opposite. I love working with home sellers. I am a top listing agent in Sacramento. It shows in my production and I’ve been a top listing agent in Sacramento for a long time. I love selling homes. Including homes for sellers of a short sale. I know that sellers who need to do a short sale have limited options in Sacramento. There are not very many of us short sale specialists or Certified HAFA Specialists in the area. There are hundreds, maybe thousands who have taken classes, but few agents who actually close a lot of short sales. The more short sales an agent closes, the more an agent learns about the fine nuances of a short sale. I’ve closed enough to be the #1 short sale agent over 7 counties since 2006. Today I am a top listing agent in Sacramento for all homes. read more

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