Sacramento Realtors Who Answer the Phone

sacramento realtors who answer the phone

Sacramento Realtors who answer the phone deal with a lot of crap.

Sacramento Realtors who answer the phone probably do ten times the business of agents who send calls to voice mail. That’s what I’m betting. I mean, I don’t have any hard statistics to back up this theory, but the reason I say this is because I get calls from buyers and sellers who often start out by saying, “I found you on the internet.” Just by sheer reasoning, you can pretty much figure if I don’t answer my phone, there will be another agent they found on the internet they can call. One thing that separates me from others is I am one of those Sacramento Realtors who answer the phone.

Well, THAT, and I’m so incredibly non-opionated and humble. Ask anybody.

Because I’m one of those Sacramento Realtors who answer the phone, I get all sorts of phone calls that aren’t necessarily related to me making any money. Here are some of the calls this Sacramento Realtor has received recently.

Newbie real estate agent:

Hello? This is an agent with XYZ Realty and I’m calling to tell you I have a listing in Carmichael.

How wonderful for you! Why are you calling me?

Well, it’s a beautiful home on ABC street, priced at $400K, plus I am paying a good commission.

Why are you calling me?

I thought you might have a buyer.

I don’t work with buyers. And any other agent you call is likely to be a bit irritated that you’re calling, even the agents who actually work with buyers.

Oh, I’m . . . fading into distance . . .

(See, this is why we have MLS. If we want to find a listing, we go to MLS. It’s how Sacramento real estate works. We are in the middle of one of the hottest seller’s markets in Sacramento. I wonder if she has heard we use computers now?)


Hello, Elizabeth? Do not hang up.



I am calling from hot sexy real estate dot com.



Hey, Elizabeth, I’m on your website.

Well get off before you hurt yourself, click.

Phone call before 9 AM on Sunday:

I read an article you wrote about agents not selling their own short sale, and I have my own short sale listed.

Here’s some free advice. Don’t try to sell your own short sale because the bank won’t allow it, and even if your home wasn’t a short sale you should not be the listing agent. Too much liability.

But I already disclosed everything I know.

You don’t know what the buyer will sue you for now, do you?

Can I get a referral fee if I send the listing to another agent?

See, it would be a secret agreement the bank has no knowledge of, and that could be short sale fraud. You can’t profit from a short sale without the bank’s knowledge, plus you will sign an arm’s length saying there are no under the table dealings going on.

How would the bank find out?

Don’t you work for a broker you can talk to?

Buyer’s Agent:

Your listing says go direct, no calling required. Does that mean I don’t have to call the sellers and can just go over there?

Yes. Go direct. Just get in your car and go.

Guy walking a dog:

I’m in front of your listing. Is it for sale or rent?

Agents don’t work on rentals so it must be for sale.

How much is it?

Where is it, what street is it on?

I don’t know. I’m just in front of it walking my dog. I want to rent a house.


I’d like to talk about State Farm.

Trust me, I have more insurance than I need.

Wouldn’t you like to buy a State Farm franchise?


(And just about the time you start thinking to yourself that maybe it’s not a good idea to be one of those Sacramento Realtors who answer the phone . . . )

No Caller ID:

I have a home in Elk Grove I would like to sell, and I’d like to talk with you about listing my home.

You’ve come to the right place. How can I help?







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