Sacramento Realtor Multi-Tasking At Extreme Levels

Being a Sacramento Realtor multi-tasking at extreme levels is the typical environment for a successful real estate career. Yesterday, I was made aware that this skill set is something you either possess or you don’t. Realtors are often on the phone, (I have two phones) texting, emailing and putting the phone on mute, while answering questions from an assistant. We are also checking email and voice mail while organizing. I have a 40-inch monitor screen, so I have multiple windows open at the same time on my computer.

As a Sacramento Realtor multi-tasking yesterday, I saw something that brought multitasking to an all-new normal. I was working on the blog in my home office when I heard the dogs barking. I have 7 dogs by the way. It was the dog groomer making a house call for the first time, a new service we found online. The young woman shows up, thin as a rail with a baby, she is in her early twenties at best. Her name is April. She is holding a baby boy about 6 months old in a diaper with a blanket, her tools held in her other hand.

She sets the baby down on the blanket and it is starting to softly rain. My sister, Cathi, takes over getting the dogs out one at a time for our groomer. I go back to work from my command center to finish working on yesterday’s blog. In about 20 minutes my sister comes running back in. She says Toya, my smallest Schipperke dog, is going nuts and the groomer is breastfeeding. It sounded like helter skelter. I immediately go outside. April has the situation well in hand with the dog who has now submitted. She had tucked the dog over her knee and her arm and elbow are holding the dog in place. April doesn’t seem stressed at all.

April finishes up out front with 5 of the dogs. She then is breastfeeding her baby. We now have to move to the backyard to trim toenails for my two 90-pound adult German Shepherd Dogs, GSDs, Godzilla and Tangiers. My sister Cathi then holds the baby and I fetch the GSDs. First up is Tangiers. April gets behind her and starts using the electric grinder. Tangiers is moving about but that doesn’t stop April. Snip snip, grind grind, She is finished. Godzilla comes out next and he is not happy about toenail day but April sits down puts him on her lap. I hold the choker chain and leash. He soon realizes that April is not the least bit impressed with antics and grinds away on his toenails.

April then goes to hold her baby as she tells us she also nannies for three kids on her second job. She said it was hard for her to get a nanny job. Employers often wondered how she could take care of her baby and three other kids. April told us it was no problem for her to care for so many children at once. Someone finally gave her a chance, and she appeared quite happy about that. She said you have to have structure and a plan for a busy schedule with a full day, every day of multitasking. I thought this sounds like real estate, lol.

We could tell April was a very self-sufficient, determined and capable young woman. I said if you ever decide you want a career change, let us know as you would make a fantastic Sacramento Realtor Multi-Tasking. If you want a hire a team of multi-tasking hardworking Realtors, help you to buy or sell a home, call Weintraub & Wallace Realtors with RE/MAX Gold, at 916-233-6759.

— JaCi Wallace

Sacramento Realtor

Weintraub & Wallace

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